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This is the story of a professional skipper who had travelled the world, and who finally chose Corsica one day, to lay down her suitcases and launch her own brand of leather goods and accessories. Emmanuelle Thomas comes from Normandy originally. After having spent some time in New Zealand, she arrived in Corsica in 2011, thereupon to study nautical saddlery with Jacques Poli (over a period of eight months). It was in 2013 she had the opportunity to learn the trade with Solenn Chevaleyre, who was at that stage residing in Ajaccio and who had previously worked for Louis Vuitton. 

Using leather and boat sails, Emmanuelle creates a wide variety of original goods...

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APPeBIKE – A welcomed pollination of electric bicycles for Corsica

This is very good news for the island.
APPeBIKE recently launched their innovative solution in May/June of this year – I purposely stress ‘solution’, because this concept is what we really need in order to help reduce the ongoing headaches experienced with ‘far too much traffic’ these days, along with offering a natural, enjoyable and ‘accessible to all’ option for visiting the island, and/or simply cycling to a chosen destination. The functioning is quite simple. 

Introducing the first self-service of electric bicycles in Corsica, without effort and without noise – using their own telephone application, which is their attractive feature.
APPeBIKE offers over 200 bikes in more than 25 base stations – these base stations can be found at: tourist offices, hotels, campings, and certain holida...

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Ever thought of coming to Corsica in February ? If not, here’s an idea for you.

Maybe you’ve never thought of organising your out of season holidays or even Valentine’s Day in Corsica – and yet, away from the clichés of a candlelit dinner in an ultra-crowded restaurant of the European capitals, Corsica would be a very inviting suggestion just to ‘let yourselves go’.
The celebration for lovers on the Island of Beauty is not such a far-fetched idea after all !
Corsica is really very romantic in February, under the snowflakes .. where you can find a cosy little nest, and enjoy the island’s winter with clean, fresh air, a natural protected environment and a slow pace. Forget the classic city breaks in some of the main European capitals, and plan for an authentic, sensual journey in the heart of the island – at a time, when everything is just charm and tranquillity.
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Lulishop : A Search For Original Corsican Products

My first reaction in discovering Lulishop was: ‘of course, that’s exactly what we need’ This is somewhere one can ‘shop’, finding quality products manufactured here on the island – a real find I believe, and I had to investigate as to how this idea had bloomed. Portrait LauraLuli(1)

A marketplace assembling designers and craftsmen – and a gain of time and patience too, what with the quantity of products one is constantly confronted with regularly. Their advice is precious in this area.
Who’s behind this innovative idea ?
Two Corsican women, and childhood friends: Laura Ferrandini and Laura-Maria Sargentini. They both worked abroad (notably in the UK), and desired to return to their island with a new concept.
When did this actually start ?
It took off end of May, 2015 (which is quite recent, as you’ll di...
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What about skiing in Corsica ?

paris sur la C skiCorsica is especially famous for its’ wild coastline and turquoise water – but, it is also a land for fans of winter sports. It proposes three small ski resorts, Ghisoni, Val d’Eze and Vergio, which offer the possibility to ski from 1400m to 1870m, above sea level. A fourth station, Haut Asco, closed since 1991 following extensive damage caused by landslides, could reopen soon – this is certainly the will of several local officials who work in this direction. For several years, Corsica also has plans to create a new, larger station (like the stations of the Southern Alps) around Corte. The idea is to plant a resort proposing 30km of slopes, between 1550 and 2400m. 

It is usually possible to ski in Corsica from the months of December to April but the snowfall is often more important in Febr...

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