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What’s the Bistrot du Cours up to these days ? –> update on events

cafe citoyenConstantly changing, evolving with attractive suggestions, the ‘Bistrot du Cours’ is a very busy spot, right in the heart of the town of Ajaccio – thus, accessible to a large community.

My previous article spoke of last year’s activities. However, Pascal and his son Alex, always desiring to innovate and continue proposing several appointments, at times on a monthly basis or other times, more frequently.

Let’s start with the monthly suggestions:

– A Philosophical Evening ‘Café Philo‘ – where a subject is chosen beforehand and suggested to the public, (animated by Prof. Decheveau); usually lasting between two to three hours, and more and more popular as time goes by, for those present participate and share their personal views.

– A Psychological Reunion: ‘Café Psy‘ – here again, a subj...

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The ‘trinichellu’ adds a zest to touring the island, a singular Corsican train

train_corse 2

Now, this was one of the wildest trips I ever took! years ago, I took the old(er) version of the ‘micheline’ from Ajaccio to Ile Rousse (north of the island) and will never forget it .. you view scenes from movies of crammed trains, under the scorching sun, within a cacophony of vocal cords and also a general exuberance – this was exactly the vision I had – and experienced too.

Let’s retrace this little trains history ..

It was in 1888 this historical means of transportation was to see its’ start-up, and by 1894, 360 kilometres of railway network were completed, thus rallying Bastia to Ajaccio. But, not without a certain quantity of problems too, for a tunnel of 3916 metres had to be constructed in order to cross the Vizzavona pass, along with the viaduct constructed by Gustave Eif...

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‘Swira’ – developing style in a fresh way – all through affinity, voyage and liberty ..


A very innovative collection here, ‘Swira’ caught my eye recently, with her choice of artful conception and attractive shades. Based on ‘Liberty’ and ‘Voyage’, and accommodating a certain symbolic reference also through choices of design and pattern.

Providing and sharing a profound sentiment and meaningful fervent hopes – this range includes cistus, arbutus, tangerines, asphodels and of course, the Moor’s head. The merging of ideas, tones and conception hold imagination, attractiveness and a search for casual comfort, without omitting the essential aesthetic and of course, quality.

‘Swira’ originates from a town in Morocco, and personal memories for our ‘créatrice’ here, Carole, where she was vividly impressed by this town and the many artists living there – and her line of cloth...

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Dropping in to ‘The Patio’ at the Palazzu U Domu, in the heart of Ajaccio


Sometimes, the wish to discover surroundings where you may experience that extra comfort and exotic atmosphere is just what you require, a place where you can linger whilst sipping a cocktail and taking full advantage of a cosy, friendly ambiance.

I found this atmosphere visiting the Patio, in the Palazzu U Domu Hotel, right in the centre of Ajaccio. However, if you are planning a stay, it’s ideally situated, for you can stroll over during the day to visit Napoleon’s house which is very near, opt for a few hours on the nearby beaches or later on in the evening, try your luck in the nearby Casino too. My curiosity lead me to ask several questions, needless to say.

Accompanying your evening meal, or if you are just planning a lapse of leisure, they provide numerous musical evenings where ...
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Sauntering around town, drop in to the ‘Bistrot du Cours’ in Ajaccio

Bistrot du Cours

While you are sauntering around the town of Ajaccio, drop in to see Pascal at the Bistrot du Cours, it’s right in the heart of the town and you will be welcomed with smiling faces too.

He started out as a barman there, which led to his taking over this delightful, cosy café in 1998. He now runs it with his son, Alexandre, so it has become a family affair.

Ideally situated, and surrounded by boutiques, of all sorts, when the need to sit down for a while, or quench your thirst impose, you will enjoy the convivial surroundings and welcoming manners.

One of the main particularities here is the fact that he displays between 3000/5000 books – so, if the fancy takes, you can sit and read or even borrow/exchange books at your leisure, an original idea, whilst sipping your cold drink during the...

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