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Feathers, spirit, flight and freedom – the birds of prey

Golden Eagle -christiancouloumy

When you’re not accustomed to having Red Kites and Buzzards, amongst others, hovering above and around, it can be quite overwhelming, and almost intimidating. And although their company is very much part of the scenery, especially when you are out walking in the countryside, or near the coast, their presence is always admirable and breathtaking.

The Golden Eagle, would probably be one of the best adapted to the general conditions of the island, where his dispersion is regular and also where the Corsican Natural Regional Park looks after his preservation...
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The notorious …. GR20 – a profusion of sensations

Known as Europe’s toughest long-distance trek,
the GR20 is undoubtedly an ardent desire experienced by those who are in search of a certain profusion of sensations.                                                                                                             GR20 bis

The trail dates back to 1970, and has seen an notable increase of hikers/walkers ever since; we’re talking about 20.000 visitors here yearly …

You may be wondering if the trail is well marked, and you can rest assured, it is indeed. Guides can also be contacted, for organised trips...

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“A picture is worth a thousand words ..” and I hear Napoleon’s words here

Jean Exiga+Lucienne Dentz



Photo credit: Jean Exiga & Lucienne Dentz, with many thanks











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In every curving beach, in every grain of sand – there is the story of the earth

P.MalaterreThe obvious is often taken for granted, and it wasn’t until I had roamed around the island, unaware that I was in fact very often sampling the sand, that I realised how this natural component influenced my whole outlook on the beaches and their surroundings.

When you do not possess the choice, you accept what you are given or shown, but, when the possibility is there for the taking, this reveals a totally new horizon of vision – I adapted these reflections to sand within which,  in every grain – there is the story of the earth ..
I found myself choosing a particular spot depending on my humour of the moment, and having discovered the personality of each type, my imagination too delighted in entertaining this expression...
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Turtle Island – ‘A Cupulatta’

photo-tortue4Now, here is one of the most extraordinary places to visit where nature and one of the oldest existing species flourish in perfect affinity

Cupulatta” (turtle) – a unique park and breeding centre, situated just outside of Ajaccio, in a preserved, natural site, where one can literally spend the day visiting and admiring over 170 species, and 3000 specimens, originating from America, Asia and Africa – this is the largest European park of turtles/tortoises to see the day, and founded in 1993 in an instinctive setting of 2.5 hectares of land...

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