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“A picture is worth a thousand words ..” and I hear Napoleon’s words here

Jean Exiga+Lucienne Dentz



Photo credit: Jean Exiga & Lucienne Dentz, with many thanks











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In every curving beach, in every grain of sand – there is the story of the earth

P.MalaterreThe obvious is often taken for granted, and it wasn’t until I had roamed around the island, unaware that I was in fact very often sampling the sand, that I realised how this natural component influenced my whole outlook on the beaches and their surroundings.

When you do not possess the choice, you accept what you are given or shown, but, when the possibility is there for the taking, this reveals a totally new horizon of vision – I adapted these reflections to sand within which,  in every grain – there is the story of the earth ..
I found myself choosing a particular spot depending on my humour of the moment, and having discovered the personality of each type, my imagination too delighted in entertaining this expression...
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Turtle Island – ‘A Cupulatta’

photo-tortue4Now, here is one of the most extraordinary places to visit where nature and one of the oldest existing species flourish in perfect affinity

Cupulatta” (turtle) – a unique park and breeding centre, situated just outside of Ajaccio, in a preserved, natural site, where one can literally spend the day visiting and admiring over 170 species, and 3000 specimens, originating from America, Asia and Africa – this is the largest European park of turtles/tortoises to see the day, and founded in 1993 in an instinctive setting of 2.5 hectares of land...

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Honey, or the direction of sunbeams ..

abeille (La Quinzaine Sud Corse)Personally, I have never, as yet, found a more fragrant and delectable honey

Certainly related to the vast, wild and rich flora that inhabits the island, literally sun-drenched, where the bees may choose at their leisure. The fact is, that you may find a texture and flavor suitable to each season, and the obvious distinctness here is quite noticeable.

Principally, there exists six types: Spring Maquis, Summer Maquis, Fall Maquis, Chestnut, Arbutus and Anthyllis, but I have also come across Honeydew and Tangerine – in fact, the producers sometimes like to label according to what is most representative, and this can very well vary, however the six categories stand for reference...

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Haven’t we heard that the clearest way into the Universe is, through a forest?


Imagine an island where 46% of its surface is substantially forested – this is the case of Corsica.

Pine, holm oak, birch, chestnut, fir, arbutus, beech … these forests hold the endemic plants and animal species so vital for the maintaining of the natural ecosystem and continuation of natures survival. Aitone, Ospedale, Vizzavona, Bavella, Valdoniello being the central forests. Rospa Sorba produces abundant quantities of Laricio pine wood, whilst the Ersa forest offers ramblings through alder trees. Holm oak, black + maritime pines dominate the Bonifatu forest, where hiking and walking can also be appreciated. Cross-country skiing has, over the years, become more and more popular, and is present in many regions.

It is not surprising to see Eucalyptus trees on many parts of the island, and...

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