Charles Joseph Bonaparte, and the FBI

augustin-chiodetti-fbiCharles Joseph Bonaparte was born on June 9th 1851 in Baltimore, Maryland. He was an American politician and grandnephew of Napoleon I, and he died on June 28th, 1921 in the county of Baltimore. 

Son of Susan May Williams (1812-1881), daughter of a wealthy businessman from Baltimore, and Jérôme Napoleon Bonaparte (1805-1870). The latter being the son of Jérôme Bonaparte (the youngest brother of Emperor Napoleon I), and his first wife Elizabeth Patterson, whom he had married during a visit to New York in 1803.
After graduating from Harvard where he studied law, he worked as a lawyer in Baltimore and became a politician, reputed both locally and nationally.
Member of the Board of Indian Commissioners from 1902-1904, and President of the National Civil Service Reform League. 
In 1905, he was nominated as Secretary of the Navy by President Theodore Roosevelt.
Then, from 1906 up to the end of President Roosevelt’s term, he was the Attorney General of the United States (which is the equivalent to Minister of Justice).
Very active with lawsuits against the trusts, and one of the main contributors to end the tobacco monopoly.
On July 26th, 1908, he created the Bureau of Investigation (BOI) – the current FBI’s first name. 
He died in Bella Vista, in Maryland, a victim of chorea – and is buried in the cemetery of Loudon Park in Baltimore.
Source: Augustin Chiodetti
Text: Wikipedia
Photo: J E Purdy, Boston 1903

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