The charm of a village Christmas market: Appietto welcomes you with a jingle*

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Doesn’t this bring back fond memories from just being a child again, the magic and charm of a Christmas market before this seasonal event – visions, scents, sensations, flavours and colours remaining present for the rest of our lives.

Just outside of Ajaccio, there is the very quaint little village of Appietto, expanding from the Monte Gozzi right down to the coastline of the Gulf de Lava. Traces of the medieval past can still be viewed with fortresses/chapels, reminding us of hardship and conflicts that once were. The Monte Gozzi (which I am particularly fond of) towers from its 716m, and a notable choice for trekking over the spring/early summer months, and the whole municipality is doted with archeological tresors just waiting for you too.

This year brings the 6th edition of this welcoming market, held up on the St Cyr plateau, and as each year bears a theme – Lapland will be honoured in turn this time! The word alone plays with the imagination, where one fantasizes with the homeland of Santa Claus himself, past memories here again of childhood pleasures and expectations.

Willingly, 78 stands will await the eager public over these three days, where craft works, decorations and traditional Christmas wares installed with the festive spirit, will captivate, suggest and persuade. Furthermore, several activities will of course, be present i.e: ski and sledge trails – which will surely delight all present and offer moments of collective participation, necessary breathing space for families and friends joining in with pleasure. A reminder here too, for those of you who appreciate driftwood decorations, Boris Ferrandi will also be present with his imaginative and decorative creations, so keep this in mind for future purchasing with the festive season just around the corner and you’ll also see Fanny and her delicious nougat – any time of the year is suitable for nougat.

Now, let’s not forget the highlight of the weekend; Santa Claus will arrive and will spend special moments with all who desire to meet him !

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