Chess in Corsica, quite a show !

4446678-6682056We all know, numerous qualities are required in order to fully appreciate a game of chess. And for those who allow themselves moments of participation recognising the compulsion, a sensation of competing, armoured with (only) self ability. Karpov reminds us that ‘chess is everything; art, science and sport’ …

It is wonderful to observe the willing and growing interest here in Corsica too. Let us bear in mind, that proportionally there are more participants here than on the mainland, gaining growth constantly.

Taking the whole island into account, there would be 8000 players, and 15-20 clubs. Imagine, the first club was created 25 years ago, with 25 members … It is of course interesting to note that the majority of members are children – the adults, being a majority of men, although efforts are being made to reduce the difference.
If we speak of the region including Ajaccio, this would represent almost 1800 members. ‘I Scaachi Aiaccini’ situated by the port, central town too, is very active today. With around 200 members, and staff representing 14 volunteers, and 5 trainers from the Corsican League, along with an international Italian master; Pierluigi Piscopo; motivation and energy are forcibly sensed.    Karpov

This club was created around 15 years ago, with the intention of inciting all to discover and enjoy this amazing activity. I had the pleasure of meeting the President: Marie-Paule Tomasi, and Vice-President Patricia Pastini Guillemart, who are actively achieving continual recognition and support from the general public. One notes the obvious collaboration between clubs and league – appreciated by all. The general activity caters for daily encounters, as the club remains open, also, during the school holidays, with tournaments quite often on Sundays.

Lasker said ‘when you see a good move, look for a better one ..’ this, is typical strategy at its best.

What exactly is involved when you decide to play chess ?

Respect for your opponent, reflection, patience, strategy, logic, exchange and humility; ingredients that form character, one might rightfully say.
Now, mentioning notable players, bear in mind that Kasparov, Karpov and Vishy Anand have all come here to Corsica ! and Vishy Anand will be back soon too for ‘A Slida’, an event to be held in Porto-Vecchio over the month of May. Also over the month of May, the 11th Open International of Balagne will be taking place, along with the ‘Open’ at Porticcio (just outside of Ajaccio),  from 6th-11th at the Hotel/Club Marina Viva. Future opportunities for all to see exactly how this operates, and I would highly advise you to go see for yourselves.
This years Corsican Circuit will start in Bastia and end in Ajaccio, in October. These circuits appear to be the most memorable moments when questioning Marie-Paule and Patricia. International events over several days, this year being the 25th edition, within which a tournament for children takes place with around 300-400 participants. Simultaneous games are also played between a champion and children, note that Arthur Jussupow and Nigel Short have been present for these events too. Another event that merits to be noted would be ‘Scola Corsa di l’Eccelenza’, where 10 children are chosen from all over Corsica, children from 10-12 years of age, and children who will meet and play with world champions. Potential ! doesn’t this imply potent potential ? unimaginable encounters, dreams coming true …
motivating and reaching out to natural resources. 6119567-9138075

Immediate projects ? preparation for the French Championships coming up in April, followed by the ‘Open’ sessions I have related earlier on, and where promising members will be participating.

Hopes for the future ? continual advancing with training courses for the younger generation.

What happens over the summer months ?
Well, some of these events lead right into the summer – however, believe it or not, they do organise weekly games too on the beach, for those present and interested. Isn’t that a bright idea too ?
Be it mental torture or endorphin pleasure, chess will continue to captivate, mobilise and unite, where one is basically in charge and where countless repercussions operate, mingle and develop.
A game to discover, rediscover, share and where the continuous experiences remain necessary sensations. 6012186-8964259

“Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward. They may be beaten, but they may start a winning game ..” Goethe


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