Choice of recipe: Corsican Vegetable Soup


There isn’t really a classic recipe for this type of soup, although you will find similar ones with basic choices. It’s a traditional recipe from the island, and following whatever family, friends and villagers had on hand, the soup could be made – vegetables, meat, pasta and rice remain the main ingredients.
It’s not difficult to prepare, and it remains a nutritious and tasty idea for the autumn and winter months ahead. So, keep it in mind.

Serves: 6

– 2 onions
– 1 ripe tomato
– chard
– 2 leeks
– 2 carrots
– 1 celery stalk
– pancetta (bacon)
– 2 turnips
– 2 courgettes
– 5 or 6 potatoes
– 4oog red kidney) beans
– a handful of green beans
– basil
– salt/pepper

Fry some pancetta in a cooking pan, with coarsely chopped onions. Add the ripe tomato to the preparation. Cut all the vegetables into julienne strips: leeks, carrots, celery, turnips, courgettes and green beans.
Once the onions become transparent, add the chopped chard, leeks, carrots, celery, turnips, courgettes and green beans, and the potatoes. The older they are, they better. Cut into pieces, otherwise leave them whole.
Cook on a low heat. Add the red beans (previously soaked). Cover the vegetables with boiling water, simmer on a low heat for around 2h. It should cook in small broths. Once the potatoes and the kidney beans are cooked, the soup should be ready. Adjust the seasoning.
Now, if you have pasta or rice from the previous day, you can add them to the hot soup, and allow to simmer for another 15m.
Just before serving, finely chop the basil, which will be mixed with a little olive oil. Place a little in each plate.

Bon appetitu !


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