A Christmas tale, inspired from seasonal spirit

Conte Corse

Allow me to tell you about a mythical, magical and hopeful Christmas – one of those that are sadly missed, when the hour comes to reflect upon what certain call – the ‘Christmas spirit’.

What’s more, it was a Corsican Christmas, which doesn’t affect my speech – that of the small village of Nuvalinu, and the Selviani family.

Nuvalinu, in truth, is not one of those big, wealthy and populated villages of the coast, or one of those without being near the blue of the Mediterranean, that enjoys the proximity of an important route. On the contrary, it is one of those lost, mountain villages that has suffered enough from time, modernisation and her children’s exile. One of those off-track villages, the type you see on pretty postcards but within which one dies more so than one lives – whilst the stones continue to fall from loss of love ..

It all began when the telephones were cut off, for no particular reason and without any explanation. The Nuvalinesi hadn’t the time to realise what was happening, when rapidly, the electricity too went away. Outside, a storm was in full activity, they said to themselves that this was probably the reason for such phenomena to happen and at the worst moment.

It was then that a loud noise was heard ..

For two minutes, all the villagers were petrified with terror, however, quite quickly and in spite of everything, they dared to come out of their homes and head towards where the noise was coming from, with the intention of seeing if anybody needed some sort of help. The noise was coming from the Selviani home, a house that was built on the outskirts of the village in a dangerous area and at the same time quite near a precipice with rocks – they were all worried about the house, but more especially for the family.

Once arrived, they could only observe misfortune – as a result of the storm, a large piece of rock had become detached from the mountain, crushing the poor house into small pieces. As the family car was still present, there was no doubt whatsoever in their minds that the unfortunate family had surely been massacred inside, for with such weather they were certainly not outside walking. Such a tragedy occurring on Christmas evening, was enough to break anybody’s heart, and in this case, of all the Nivalinesi.

Whilst some wandered around in tears, certain wished to see if it would not be possible to save at least one life. Two of the villagers, amongst the most courageous and watched by anxious eyes, under a puissant flurry of snow advanced without worrying about the large rock that had destroyed the whole house. They were soon followed by five others, who were ashamed to remain outside, just watching.

Consequently, ten minutes later all seven came out, each carrying one of the members of the family. They were all unconscious, but alive even though some were lightly wounded. Joy had returned to the village after much dismay.

A catastrophe that had caused no victims !

It was truly a rare event to report !
All were carried away with an indescribable joy and the miraculously saved family above all, in spite of their light injuries and the fact that they had lost a great deal.

Village solidarity expressed itself at its best, for before and after Christmas mass, all were invited to spend the evening with one another, after being examined by the village doctor who confirmed light injuries insomuch that the next day the whole Selviani family were driven to town to be examined at the hospital – a collection was already being organised in the village, attempting to help the misfortunate family who was in a bad situation, but who had fortunately escaped the worst and was still alive ..
Source via: Corse Passion ©

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