Why Choose Corsica ? – Top Ten Answers

(random order)

1) DIVERSITY : Most definitely, the diversity of this island is an essential point and ‘key’ word, with a large category of reference; i.e: you can be lying on the beach and staring up at the nearby mountains; now, are there many places where you can do that ? Discover endemic species, insularity favouring many indeed. Real seasons can be witnessed ! shades, flavours and environment react fully to each. Fairs can be enjoyed throughout the year, where a large choice awaits you, depending on the moment you choose, naturally. Festivals running all through the summer months, and quite a variety (refer to my articles in the Festivals/Events category, for further info).

2) GO ON A WINE TRAIL : The island offers choice wines, which are renowned and exported, with over 40 varieties of grapes. Wherever you are, there are vineyards to be visited, and wines to be tasted, and where the natural beauty of the island will accompany you in your travels. Note also, this year Corsica wine won 63 medals at the Agricultural Salon in Paris.

3) CHOICE OF BEACHES : The simple fact of realising you can literally chose the sand you may prefer proves to be an exotic idea, doesn’t it ? This is the case of Corsica. Endless choice of beaches, (and where you can always find one which is not over-crowded during the height of the season too, here again you may refer to my article on the site). The ‘Island of Beauty’ is nothing less than a revelation.

4) NAPOLEON WAS BORN HERE : The emperor and general, who once stated: ‘with my eyes shut, I would know Corsica by her perfume’. An important feature, for the fragrance is the ‘breath’ of the maquis. His house can be visited in Ajaccio, all year around, certainly worth your time too.

5) HISTORY/HERITAGE : Striking and very often poignant. Continually perceived, experienced, and when related, through forceful emotion. All over the island you will encounter historical/prehistorical sites and anchored evidence of the past.

GhisoniRemembering, this island has undergone afflicted invasions, and  scars remain. Many prominent men and women have represented this island, surprising and influencing many others throughout the world. Corsicans are rightfully proud of their heritage, which continues to throne all over the island.

6) THE WEATHER IS JUST AWESOME : what would you say to well over 300 sunny days a year ? this is Corsica in the Mediterranean, with sensational coastlines. It’s quite amazing just how the weather can, many a time, influence humour, work, spirit, undertakings and human relations.

7) LOCAL GASTRONOMY WILL AWAKEN YOUR TASTE BUDS : I once wrote, in answer to the question as to whether there was a speciality: chestnuts. This is also ‘chestnut island’. Groves can be visited, and chestnuts tasted through a wide variety of choices; i.e: chestnut flour, a capital ingredient for traditional dishes, savoury and engaging. Fancy tasting chestnut beer ? produced with symbolic ingredients. Delicious wild boar recipes await your curiosity, a species that inhabits this island. A quantity of natural products produced from organic crops colour and disclose characteristic growth. Charcuterie will reveal quality, quantity and an authentic selection. Furthermore, an original pastry selection will surprise and ravish. And if you’re not convinced with these choices, a range of dairy products also exist: ‘brocciu‘, goat+sheep cheese .. (refer to my articles if you’d like to learn more).

8) SIZE and PROXIMITY : Imagine 183km x 83km, 90km from Italy and 170km from mainland France. Two-thirds of the island is composed of mountains, and the forests represent 20%. Indeed, the roads are often windy, but this will not prevent you from travelling around at your leisure, halting here and there, and exploring each side of the island, without forgetting the centre which delights with waterfalls and rivers.

9) OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES FOR ALL : Imagine trekking, kite surfing, kayak and canoe, cycling, sailing, water-skiing, bird-watching, snorkeling, horse riding, windsurfing, parachute jumping, paragliding, canyoning .. the ‘island of beauty’ offers endless activities for all – and a sensation of retreat for those who are in need of energy renewal. Simply walking can become an awaited thrill, for the sightseeing is splendid in itself.


10) VILLAGE CHARM & AUTHENTICITY, CULTURE & TRADITIONS : The urge for resourceful surroundings, natural atmosphere and notions of time decelerating, at times standing still … sentiments profoundly experienced within villages. Traditions respected and shared. To be noted, each village possesses a particularity, regularly I write about chosen villages and their specific particularity. It appears necessary and informative, the essence of culture and beliefs; in other words, the core of the island itself. But, what would be the island without the Corsican character; strong, vigilant, proud, impassioned, charming, generous and attentive – greeting you with overall patience and not without a certain interest.

Photo credit: Copyright © Phot’eau Corse

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