The continual charm and attraction of Erbalunga



This charming and sought after village can be found up north, at around ten kilometres from Bastia, and can be considered another beautiful example of what the ‘Cap Corse’ can offer. Particularly visited over the summer months, and maintaining a preserved and authentic village character. One notices the small, quaint streets with old stone houses, and it is known to be one of the most attractive villages not only of the island, but also of the Mediterranean itself. 

The spectacular ruins of a Genoese tower built during the XVI century at the entrance of the port remain a highlight, this tower was classified as a historical monument in 1995. 
Many photographers have chosen the port for its wondrous and wild beauty throughout the seasons, tones and shades enlightening and inspiring. In fact, it has been named ‘the artists nest’, having influenced several artists over the years. 

During the summer, very popular open-air music festivals take place at the Théâtre de Verdure d’Erbalunga – concerts, shows and piano recitals have no problem gathering a large and passionate public annually. With excellent acoustics and capable of welcoming around 1400 – memorable moments for all who have had the opportunity to attend these musical events. 

Erbalunga is one of those villages that remains with you for a very long time after you have visited it, for it holds a unique atmosphere – remember to keep it in mind.



Photo: Dumè photographie ©

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