Convent of Corbara, a haven of peace

St Jean Corbara



Solid religious representation has left its mark all over this incomparable island. The Convent of Corbara is once again a fine example of the alliance between Corsica and religion. Situated between the mountains and the sea, towards the north of the island, in the heart of the Balagne – this picturesque site ensures serenity,  harmony, prayer and hospitality. Dating back to 1430 and is the largest illustration to be found, where Pascal Paoli is said to have visited many times, often accompanied by friends. Guy de Maupassant also made a halt here, amongst others, and wrote one of his articles.

Having been registered to both the Dominicans and the Franciscans through the past, it is today occupied and run by the Brothers of St. John. Visits and retreats are actively present, in fact, one must reserve well in advance in order to be sure of a successful stay.
We are compelled to remember the monastic heritage within which this convent has fought to exist through time and hardships, always remaining available to the community, and offering the calmness  and seclusion so necessary for those who are in search, need and yearning, all through a certain choice of meditation. An interesting remark too, the convent’s garden is part of the cultural heritage since 2003 – a detour one could keep in mind in other words, if you’re planning to visit the north of the island. Sometimes, the unintentional leads us to places we wouldn’t automatically have chosen, and in these moments, we can only be thankful.


Photo credit: stjean-corbara




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