Mustard is not just ‘mustard’ – there’s a whole world out there worth exploring!

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After working for a major French mustard company on the mainland, Dominique Variot decided to move to Corsica – and more precisely to Linguizzetta, at Serra-Piana (east of the island), with his Corsican wife in 2007. It wasn’t his intention to produce mustard immediately, and over the first two years he actually grew hay and cereals, having bought twenty hectares of land. Starting off with strong standard mustard, he sold the 1000 pots he had prepared. In 2011, he decided to launch flavoured mustard, driven by his creative artisan background and originality. Myrtle was his first choice, leading to herbs, fig, honey, tangerine, lemon, orange, chestnut and citron/cédrat. The range was yet to expand, and in 2012 hazelnut and pepper appeared, bringing an authentic variety of choice, and when you think of it, there really is a selection for every taste and suiting many types of food too.

I find it very interesting how a choice of mustard can indeed accompany and add that little extra flavour, needed at times but, also for the sake of a dash of exotic seasoning. Of course, with all of this, his premises need enlarging, for he not only  supplies the delicatessens around the island, but also  certain supermarkets.

It would appear, that the Romans were more than likely the first to use mustard; having mixed grape juice (named ‘must’) with seeds, resulting in ‘burning must’ – hence ‘must ard’. It also contains vitamins and nutriments, naming selenium and omega 3. It’s a very pretty sight, a mustard patch, not unlike a yellowish cloak covering the earth, with four-petalled flowers (image attached).produits-corses-moutarde-corse-aux-eclats-de-noisettes-

I think mustard is often something we take for granted, forgetting/ignoring that there is also a ‘savoir faire’ behind it, and although we see the more common types daily, there is quite a tasty and delicious variety there for the taking/discovering – try them, try them all! and those mustard flowers are so pretty …

2 comments to Mustard is not just ‘mustard’ – there’s a whole world out there worth exploring!

  • Wendalynn Jones  says:

    I’m envious that you have sooo many entrancing flavours to choose from on this beautiful island.

    • Pamela  says:

      there are too, and what is wonderful is the fact that they exploite them fully – flavours/scents/essence are powerful and natural, thank you Wen for dropping in !

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