From Corti, the 33rd edition of their International Days – exposure of reflections

Alta FIf one relates to the signification of a ‘movement’, this is what can be said: ‘a group of people working together in order to advance their shared political, social or artistic ideas’ – now add the word ‘solidarity’ and mutual support within and without a group transpires – the whole significance renders a larger picture; one where we can at last fully grasp the depth involved, the search for comprehension, and desire for change. Reciprocity.
Gandhi once pronounced these words: ‘the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others ..’ noble words you may say; but, when really pondering on them one realises just where they can lead you to – unity, in every sense of the term.


This annual event, and 33rd edition organised by Corsica Libera, sees a large gathering over a weekend, in the historical town of Corti – steeped in chosen matters of importance, for all. The choices depend on priorities of the moment, current affairs/actions and necessary developments – but not only the islanders are invited, foreign guests too have their say. This year for example Catalonia, Sardinia, Basque, Sicily and Palestine were represented, with their respective delegations. Several guests from this island represented their specific parties – including Corsica Libera, the Socialists, and the right-wing UMP.


Taking the above into account, what could we name as some of the immediate priorities right here in Corsica to start off with ?
– formalisation/ coofficiality of the Corsican language; enabling social and economical expansion, thus maintaining culture/heritage for future generations, and conserving natural identity, without forgetting to include the island in the Constitution
– the correct choice as regards handling property; defined rules for growth, location, type and suitability – resident status to be defined
– to bring political prisoners back from the mainland and closer to their families on the island – this being an ongoing problem with devastating effects for those concerned – parallel to the proposed demand for the immediate release of political prisoners
– environmental evolution, within which so many factors enter into consideration in order to respect existing and future demands, and mature with insight and recognition for the benefit of the territory – and not individuals
– construction of the future: here lies a fundamental change – the fact of the matter is that now, the choice has become a political confrontation instead of an armed struggle, thus allowing the assembling of a new force.


Here, one may add the examples of Malta and Iceland. Malta obtained independence in 1964, whereas Iceland enjoys hers since 1918. Alternatively, is this an authentic possibility for Corsica ? the question is being seriously studied and strongly suggested by those actively convinced for some time now, with ardent faith. Corti 2014 006
“Remembering our past, carrying it around with us always, may be the necessary requirement for maintaining, as they say, the wholeness of the self” – Kundera’s insight into what the ‘self’ required; for the past (although past), is of the utmost importance for the present and of course, the future .. again, forging identity, rendering conscious, thus assisting in destined undertakings.
Identity. From the cradle to the grave, it is in constant transformation/evolution. Gesture and language, means of communication and holders of transmission – fundamental one may say and yet, populations today are still being deprived of seeing these natural rights officially acknowledged/recognised as such, and this we all know very well indeed.


As regards a recent determining action which took place here on the island – here I refer to the laying down of arms of a nationalist stronghold group, the FLNC, after thirty eight years of conflict – the waves of consequences can be undoubtedly felt, for this too has altered the political horizon in unexpected ways, and opened doors for collective reflection arriving from all directions. This incentive has suddenly shown an alternative approach, one that becomes a real possibility too; consensus of moving ahead in the formation of global objectives, adopted by a majority, thus enabling a new force of persuasion.
Strength of movement and authentic resolution – ingredients leading to progress and settlement.


Corti 2014 001Concerning the guests that attended this year: Catalonia, very much in focus presently, for the population will be voting for their possible independence next November – as will Scotland of course, in September. Small territories, but with substantial voices. The Basques went through forty years of armed struggle, before laying down arms in 2011 and seek their independence too. Recently, a human chain was formed in June, measuring 123km in demand of a referendum for the Independence of their territory. Sardinia – which is not a huge island, although three times the size of Corsica – has more than ten independent movements ..
Palestine, with the continual suffering and ongoing war, as though no end to their conflicts can be envisaged for over sixty years – and the world looks on. Their cry for support resonates, and the world keeps looking on, with interludes of glimpses of hope … and history repeating itself. It is within times of urgency the palpable face of humanity shows her true demeanour; history has revealed and uncovered many times this undying truth – wherever it may be on this earth, and although the majority of us are aware of certain/many answers, it appears repetitive and irrefutable.


I found it interesting that opinions were put forward from various political representatives; this adds spice to any debate – also allowing the public to form a personal point of view and reflect on information that is not systematically read or heard. I believe it is essential to know the facts, read between the lines and remain less gullible to the ongoing information we are undeniably served through the medias, thus imposing a certain personal search for selection, and hopefully grasping the essence, ultimately.
Returning to our Corsican youth, who attended and play an active role daily, one can forcibly say there is a model of dynamism and effort, capable of rallying and certainly possessing a strong dose of conviction for what is in prospect – and here, we must remember, this youth is the very future itself .. which can be extremely demanding, unmerciful at times and always decisive through duration.

Corti 2014 019Two days of observation, concentration, reflection and of course enjoying the evening musical trimmings with Canta U Populu Corsu and Arcusgi; this event holds a tangible ‘atmosphere’  and was well worth attending in order to define, develop, reveal and deliver expectations, statements and obvious concern and aspirations for the future.

Isn’t it said, the best way to predict the future, is to create it ..

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