Courgette and cheese ‘papillotes’

There are so many ways we can use courgettes these days, a very popular vegetable and easy to cook – here’s a straightforward, rapid and tasty way which also has an attractive side to it.
Bon appetitu !                                     Corsica Guide courgettes

Serves 4

– 4 (round) courgettes
– 2 onions
– 200g sheep (Tomme) cheese or goat cheese
– 6 soup spoons olive oil
– 1 sprig fresh mint
– salt + pepper
Preheat oven 210C / th.7. Rinse and wipe the courgettes, without peeling.
Cut out a cap on top, and remove the interior with a melon spoon. Grate the sheep cheese, peal and slice the onions and chop the fresh mint leaves. Mix the cheese, onions and mint in a salad bowl. Sprinkle with half of the olive oil, and season. Divide the preparation between the courgettes and cover with their caps.
Cut out four squares of aluminium foil, oil with a brush – place a courgette on each square and close the foil parcels. Place on an oven dish, and cook for 45m – enjoy eating them piping hot !
Source: Corsica Guide ©

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