The dawning of Bastia Port

February 14, 1661 bears the decision of the ‘Noble Twelve’, for the construction of a pier in Bastia (at Porto Cardo Cove) But, it wasn’t until 1838, that the construction of a new port started being discussed.

Bastia Tempi fa (boats port)

As of 1845, the project becomes clearer and in 1855, the beginning of construction of the Dragon pier is witnessed – credit being released in 1860, after the arrival of
Napoleon III in Corsica . In 1877 while the work is far from being over, the new port of Saint Nicholas’s cove sees commercial traffic flourishing. Over the XVIII century the main exports from the port of Bastia are untanned hides, timber and fishing products. In the 1920’s, Bastia provided half of the maritime traffic of the Corsican ports ..

Photo+text credit: Bastia Tempi fa

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