Designated trees that hold the title of ‘Notable Trees’ in Corsica

Lentisque pistachier
Did you know, certain trees hold the title of ‘Notable Trees’ in Corsica (identified by the ONF and the A.R.B.R.E.S association) :

– the sweet Chestnut in Zonza : circumference: 14m

– the Eucalyptus of the Trinity in Porto Vecchio : height: 28m

– the Oak in Bavella, that grows on two boulders

– the Laricciu pines in Chieni, south of Albertacce

– the millennium Olive trees in Balagne

– the holm Oak in Olmi Capella : circumference: 7m

– the Beech of the Col St Pierre in Cristinacce-Marignana

– the sweet Chestnut Mal’Concillio of Carcheto in Castaniccia

– the aisle of Planes of Casabianda (the ‘open’ prison of Aleria)

– the Juniperus Oxycedrus of Ponte Leccia (800 years of age)

– the Pistacia Lentiscus of Ghisonaccia (between 800 and 1300 years of age)

– the sweet Chestnut of Levie, on the road to Cucuruzzu

If/when you pass by Ghisonaccia-Gare (a place known as Gattone), you will have the possibility of paying your respects to this Pistacia Lentiscus of impressive height, because usually they are quite small. What’s more, ‘U Listincu’ (the Corsican name for this tree) was, in 2011 elected the finest tree of France, not only for its size and age – but also because of its historical value.



Source: Corse Passion ©

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