Direction —> Lakes Melo and Capitello

lake-melo-capitello-muntagne-corseSo, how does one arrive there ?

It is indeed in the heart of the island that these two lakes are nested. We start off by taking the direction to Corte, then through the valley of the Restonica for around 15k, arriving near the shepherds huts at Grotelle – at this point, it’s time to start climbing.

In order to reach Lake Melo, you need to count around 1h, and it’s an easy walk too.

After passing by the old shepherd hut at Melo, there are two choices for you to take; to your left is flatter and easier, but also a little longer. If you choose to the right, it’ll be shorter but requires more endurance (ladder and rope), the view here being very pretty. Just imagine, you’ll be tête-à-tête with the lake, remembering it peaks to 1711m, with a depth of 20m, remaining frozen six months of the year. Taking time to breathe the fresh air, and enjoy the fabulous scenery, is an absolute necessity ! Also, why not think of taking a picnic up there with you, you certainly won’t regret it.

This is the first halt, now we continue towards Lake Capitello.

There’s a path behind the hut which you can now take, and allow around 45m to reach our second lake. This part of the hike is more tedious than the first part – let’s say it’s a little more windy but, absolutely feasible all the same.

Lake Capitello is surrounded by rocks, has a (maximum) depth of 42m, and remains frozen eight months out of the year. Furthermore, if you feel like taking a short stroll of around 30m just above, you’ll be spellbound with the sight before your eyes – the two lakes show a breathtaking view. To be noted: at the gap at Capitello, on a clear day you can see the Gulf of Porto – certainly an outing worth noting down for your next visit to Corsica, and without hesitation for those of you in search of natural outdoor sensations. And, whether you are a confirmed hiker or not, these lakes could still interest you, being the most well-known glacial lakes on this island.


image: Muntagne Corse ©

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