Direction —-> the natural pools at the Aïtone Forest

                                                                            Piscine naturelle d'Atone CORSE               
Far from the coast and its beaches, direction the natural pools of Aïtone situated in the eponymous forest. Spreading out to no less than 4000 hectares, the Aïtone forest literally plunges you into the heart of the Corsican countryside – between chestnut groves, beeches and also laricio pines (known to be the most beautiful from the ‘Island of Beauty’). Furthermore, it is not impossible to meet up with cows, or even wild pigs in complete freedom ! You may also have the possibility of coming across the Corsican nuthatch, a small bird generally perched on the laricio pine trees.
Now, to reach the natural pools, two solutions are possible:
– either by the chestnut trail from the village of Evisa
– or, by taking the D84 to the entrance of the forest  
The chestnut trail
Direction Evisa, a small village overlooking the Gulf of Porto, and perched at 830m in altitude above sea level. Here, we meet in the centre of the village, and more precisely at the bar/restaurant ‘A Tramula’. The beginning of the chestnut trail begins just opposite this bar. This path is actually an ancient transhumance trail. All along the marked trail, you will find information panels about the chestnut groves and life in general in the villages of this area. Crossing through the forest, you will meet, for example, a fruit dryer or even a chestnut container.
From there on, you will cross a wooden footbridge just above a stream. Just before joining the D84 (with a short climb), take a walk along the belvedere just on your left. Finally, continue taking the road until you reach the natural pools, carved in the granite. Also interesting to note, when at the pools, you will discover the ruins of an old mill. And, if you go down along the stream, you will also find other ruins and the Scarpa waterfall. Needless to say, after this little stroll, nothing like a refreshing dip in the cool waters (the temperature of the water rarely reaches more than 11° during the summer) – or an unprepared picnic, ‘in the cool’ and at the water’s edge, before heading back (of course, in the same way in reverse).

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