Dominique Andreotti ‘Minicale’ – poet

Dominique Andreotti, otherwise known as ‘Minicale’ was born on November 13th, 1868 (died 1963), son of Pierre-Antoine Andreotti and Marie-Angèle Ceccaldi. Poète

Following the death of his mother when he was very young, and of his father when he was nine years of age, he was taken care of by a close friend of the family named Matteu Ceccaldi, called ‘Curpittone’ who raised him like his own child.

Matteu Ceccaldi was a shepherd, and young Dominique always accompanied him to the mountains, singing. His youth was cradled with songs and spontaneous poetry – everything was a pretext for improvisations; the sight of a bird, a flowing river, a smell, a neighbouring quarrel or simply some news. All of this inspired magical creations from Minicale, who not only contented in giving a description, but who also gave life to his subjects. In 1883, while he was in the village of Serriera, he met and confronted the poet Santu Casanova, all night – he was only fifteen years of age. Santu Casanova was to say of him “this young man will be spoken about, he’s a river of poetry”.

Minicale composed over a hundred poems, participating in poetic meetings, and verbal fencing – although he was dreaded, he always came out as a winner. His talent was acknowledged by the greatest.

Source: Marcellu Alessandri di Chidazzu
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