Dr. Edmond Simeoni – fervent defender of Corsica


One cannot imagine writing about Corsica, without including one of the most emblematic notables existing on this island; naming Dr. Edmond Simeoni. His presence has bathed in history since the 60’s – diffusing perception, long term reflexion and vital experience. And when one meets this man, the sudden awareness of being in the company of an individual whose interests extend to unlimited references, is very much sensed.

Dr. Edmond Simeoni thrives on innovation, exchange, reflexion and progress. Born in Corte and schooled in Bastia (north of Corsica), he went on to study medicine and became a gastroenterologist, practising in the region of Bastia for many years.

Early political activist, his progression through politics did not go unseen, for his profound beliefs, anxious hopes and ardent approach were to remain very important pillars along the way. President François Mitterand asked him once what he wanted for Corsica – to which he answered: ‘to know democracy ..’

Today, what is his priority?

National emancipation and development for Corsica, through humanism and democracy, and that the world may see the value within. We must remember, Corsicans have left their trails/marks all over the entire world, distinctly one thinks of South America and Africa too.

He has seen constant progress since the 70’s and does find the island striving towards a certain unravelment too, although not without France – and here his views tend to the continuation of France’s attending foreign affairs, police, justice and finance. The first steps of democracy must be taken, in order to become self-sufficient through independence.

I sensed a potent value of education too, where interests should widely spread out to languages (and English in particular), IT and exchange, also a strong support for Europe, and of course Ireland, with its struggling, inconsistent history. In favour of bilingualism, whilst maintaining identity is yet another of his personal views and preoccupations.

Under his presidency, the association Corsica Diaspora expands to Corsicans all over the world, and to all who are interested too, I may add – through a certain modesty, sharing of ideas and ultimately, transmission. A centre point of connection and exchange, in other words, and there is a large public involved here too.The opening of horizons, the reciprocity of interrelations and natural interest, maintaining innovative suggestions and theories – a constant flow of knowledge, opinions and constructive ideas for the present and future.

Also Secretary-General for the national movement Chjama Naziunale, whose particularity is absolutely no violence, regrouping hundreds of activists.  _DSC4626w

His interests?

Literally everything – including music and art, his thirst for knowledge perpetuates and is self-fuelled even though he is almost eighty years of age.

A message for my readers?

Admiration and respect for nature, and all nations especially where struggle is observed.

A quotation that may have inspired him?

‘You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.’ – from Abraham Lincoln.

Author of numerous publications too, one being “Lettres aux Femmes Corses” ( Letters to Corsican Women), which also reflects his sincere consideration for these women, who still are very much part of the backbone of this island, – the entirety demonstrating his consciousness, search and clear discernment.

My meeting with this man, left me with the sensation of having met someone possessing a profound sense of experience through time, where lessons had been registered, aspirations and confidence fully sensed, and where an infinite respect for humanity and life itself continue to prevail.


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Photo credit: Dr. Edmond Simeoni

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  • Wendalynn Jones  says:

    Thanks for sharing this insight into Dr. Simeoni. He sounds like a very wise and passionate man.

    • Pamela  says:

      Absolutely, and possesses ‘scope’ too, and thank you Wen for your visit, glad you enjoyed.

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