When ‘Driftwood’ Finds A Final Destination, And All Through Natural Transformation ..


Isn’t it a wonder, how nature generously provides creative, palpable substance that enables us to conceive according to our imagination and perception? Meeting Boris Ferrandi, was my exploring the world of driftwood, and how patience, talent and resourcefulness can develop realms of design and charm.

Boris grew up knowing he desired to create, but, it wasn’t until he sensed a state of suffocation from living in the city, that he started to wander off to the sea, in order ‘to breathe’ and discovered his desire to collect pieces of driftwood – triggering off his creative instinct, and also proving the fact that he was capable of manual creation. This instinct had always accompanied him, from childhood – however, time was essentially required in order to ‘find’ himself.                          IMG_3186(3)

Storms are what Boris needs, and provide him with the necessary quantity of driftwood, in all shapes and sizes from the sea – always and only, from the sea, as the result of having been driven by the rivers. With time, he has been capable of recognising exactly what type of wood is adapted to his future compositions, and all wooden supports, and even tree trunks are brought to use.

This concept has been growing since around ten years, but seriously since around four years ago, to become absolutely concrete for the past eighteen months. Boris works at home in his workshop, on a regular daily basis, collecting wood over the winter months, stocking it and working through the summertime. His desire to remain as ecological as possible also includes his many ‘to and from’ whilst gathering, for he parks at the entrance and walks the required lengths for supplies, which often necessitates a certain time. His use of arbutus (or strawberry tree) can be seen through the distinctive wreathes this wood provides, along with juniper, which is on the grayish side, and needless to say, he has his strategic places too where all of this is provided.

The natural state of the wood is respected in full, left as such, never treated, only undergoing levelling at times.  IMG_2840(5)

Up to date, Boris has created over 100 lamps and light fittings, but his capacity to embark upon developing garden/beach furniture has also flourished recently, upon request, without forgetting mirrors and a large choice of small decorations too. Here lies a new vision too, when more ‘useful’ objects are being sought after (it takes around 10 hours to make a bench, and 1 1/2 hours for a lamp). An amazing garland of fairy lights too, composed of 240 pieces, and including a very long cable. Another interesting remark, he constructs only with screws. When asked what his favourite memory was, he replied ‘that of a small piece of wood he had found, resembling a woman’, – the obvious interpretation stood out instantly for him, and to this day, he has kept this piece at home, and you can view an image of her here too. It can so happen that he finds himself without the sufficient amount of wood for something he may have started, and in this case it is put aside and he starts something else, returning at a later date to resume the work, when this problem is solved. Experience has taught him how the wood reacts, and which is best adapted to a chosen use, but still without always being aware of the reaction of all types.

As I pointed out earlier on, if there are no storms, there’s no wood! and this actually did occur in 2011, where there was less wood.

I was wondering what the most unusual/original request had been – which turned out to be an owl. Now for this, he had to wait until he had found the adapted pieces of wood, especially for the head (I saw a photo of it, and it really does resemble an owl), and if you’re around Cargèse, you’ll be able to see his beach benches too, at the beach hut ‘à Piaghje’.   IMG_1803(1)

At Christmas here in one of the nearby villages of Appietto, they hold a fair, and here Boris also has his stall, so, you can also explore, observe and admire his creations. From neighbouring Afa originally, these are some of the dispersed villages around Ajaccio that he knows well.

How does he view his future? – being able to commit himself full-time to his passion, of course ..

You’ll find his mail address here, where you can reach him, as his site is under reconstruction presently, but, he is always willing and happy to be consulted for future creations.

Yet another passion, maintaining a ‘reframing’ regard ..


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