Dropping in to ‘The Patio’ at the Palazzu U Domu, in the heart of Ajaccio



Sometimes, the wish to discover surroundings where you may experience that extra comfort and exotic atmosphere is just what you require, a place where you can linger whilst sipping a cocktail and taking full advantage of a cosy, friendly ambiance.

I found this atmosphere visiting the Patio, in the Palazzu U Domu Hotel, right in the centre of Ajaccio. However, if you are planning a stay, it’s ideally situated, for you can stroll over during the day to visit Napoleon’s house which is very near, opt for a few hours on the nearby beaches or later on in the evening, try your luck in the nearby Casino too. My curiosity lead me to ask several questions, needless to say.

Accompanying your evening meal, or if you are just planning a lapse of leisure, they provide numerous musical evenings where you will hear mainly Corsican groups, individual talent, and soft, lounge rhythms, and over the summer months these are provided for on most evenings, and apparently the Patio will remain open all year round too. I must say, there is no need or desire to keep track of time here, where the blending in and relaxation is quite sufficient.

As the evening folds in more and more, the growing sensation of being snugly enclosed within the presence of many towering plants will also be remarked and appreciated.

On the hotel itself, having undergone a certain restoration, you will still appreciate traditional tones and structures, combined with notes of modernity and creativity.

The fact that many artists expose their works on the ground floor, came to my attention too, a further detail that could indeed interest you.

Interesting to note, the Duke Pozzo di Borgo used to abide here, during the imperial epoch and one of the oldest families on this island, in fact.
It goes without saying, this is a four star hotel, which provides 45 fully equipped bedrooms (classical to suite), in one of the cosiest and oldest parts of the city.
I’m joining their link, if you would like further information or/and require to view their savoury images, or simply consult their musical agenda.
Remembering, whether you are in Ajaccio for just one evening, or spending some time here, and searching for a relaxing evening, the Patio should satisfy your reveries.

Relax and be entertained.

Photo credit: Palazzu U Domu


3 comments to Dropping in to ‘The Patio’ at the Palazzu U Domu, in the heart of Ajaccio

  • Wendalynn Jones  says:

    Looks much more elegant than our local B&B across the street!! 🙂

    • Pamela  says:

      most definitely Wen! this is 4 star and worth strolling into for a while, and for a change too 🙂

  • Ger  says:

    I know this place……It’s magic***

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