English teaching

Fellini once said, ‘a different language is a different vision of life’ … and how evident this seems, when you think about it too.

In proposing English lessons to those who dwell on this small island and who may desire to enlarge their horizons, I hope to activate a certain attentiveness as to the importance of this language in particular today, for it circulates literally everywhere and allows one to participate in what is happening, being said, and understood within chance meetings, business appointments, interests and communication within and beyond the boundaries. We all realize the importance of exchanging ideas, correspondence, information and especially since easy access for all exists through internet, the wish to improve or discover, that which represents the most important  language all over the world – would appear essential and more than tempting.


I propose individual and group lessons for all levels – or/and conversational sessions.

For further information, please contact me through mail.