Ever thought of coming to Corsica in February ? If not, here’s an idea for you.

Maybe you’ve never thought of organising your out of season holidays or even Valentine’s Day in Corsica – and yet, away from the clichés of a candlelit dinner in an ultra-crowded restaurant of the European capitals, Corsica would be a very inviting suggestion just to ‘let yourselves go’.
The celebration for lovers on the Island of Beauty is not such a far-fetched idea after all !
Corsica is really very romantic in February, under the snowflakes .. where you can find a cosy little nest, and enjoy the island’s winter with clean, fresh air, a natural protected environment and a slow pace. Forget the classic city breaks in some of the main European capitals, and plan for an authentic, sensual journey in the heart of the island – at a time, when everything is just charm and tranquillity.
A few ideas for your romantic stay :
Although through February temperatures remain cool, it is not at all uncommon for the sun to shine – and between the sea air and the sound of the waves, the sun playing hide and seek with the mountains, Corsica will offer you relaxation and peace. We need to recharge over the winter months, so a break to Corsica is ideal. Ajaccio in the south, offers a lively city centre, high quality hotels and sublime seaside. If you’re expecting or looking for the snow, then the direction will be towards the mountains, becoming whiter and whiter towards the summits.
You can snuggle up in front of the fireplace, and also enjoy a spa if you’re staying in a hotel. You can also head off towards the Alta Rocca, and a traditional village, where the sea is visible from the mountains and enjoy the surroundings with scents from the maquis.
Choice of dinner to celebrate St Valentine’s Day:
After a refreshing stroll on the beach, or maybe a more energetic outing up the mountains, the highlight of the day may probably be your choice of evening meal. Now, since you are in Corsica, allow yourselves to be seduced by the many culinary specialities that the island offers over the winter months. Fresh fish from the sea could suggest a fish soup, or simply a choice of the daily take. On the other hand, if you prefer meat, specialities including wild boar, figatelli, veal etc., can be easily found this time of year – stewed or grilled with natural herbs, you will certainly be enchanted !
For a nice change, instead of choosing the traditional cheese, ice-cream would be a suitable replacement, as there is a large choice of Mediterranean flavours, i.e: fig sorbet, brocciu, honey or canistrelli (biscuit).
Finally, to fully appreciate the atmosphere whilst savouring your liqueur (chestnut or myrtle), remember to fully take in your surroundings – be it either by the sea, or by the maquis, whatever takes to your fancy.
Out of season can be a wonderful time to discover/rediscover this little island, you’ll notice the alternative tones nature offers, and a seasonal serenity which is quite different from the hustle and bustle of the summer months.



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