Exotic and tempting destinations with: L’Ailleurs Café

L'Ailleurs Kfé 010Now, this is somewhere which allows your taste buds to expand and travel, and I think from time to time we really need to indulge in flavours and intensity resulting from comestible excursions !

L’Ailleurs Café is centrally situated in Ajaccio with easy access, and caters for a minority of those who enjoy ambitious efforts. You really require to book beforehand, as it seats around twenty, in cosy and aromatic surroundings – the warmth of wood and spices enfold and delight.
Let me give you an idea as to what destinations of choices you can expect: India, Kenya, Ceylon, Brazil, Mexico, Ireland, Greece, West Indies, Egypt, Tibet.
These are especially catered for on Saturday evenings, it’s a ‘world tour’ you’ll be invited to. During the week, you have several types of homemade tarts, original and unusual colourful salads and tons of vegetables – even the desserts will have you blissfully moaning, I might add. And an important remark I would have you remember, is that the music of the country chosen during the evenings, will accompany your meal.
What more could we really ask for.            L'Ailleurs Kfé 001
I wondered what the most popular choice up to date has been; it turns out it’s Indian curry, which still seems to hold its’ ground even amongst so many other alternative choices. In fact, the use of over fifty spices is what is involved on a regular basis in this restaurant, and all the mixing is homemade. Some of the spices are bought here on the island, others come from a supplier in Paris.
Enquiring as to what was strongly advised to taste, one of the answers is a digestive composed of grains named Pan Massala (gorgeous taste too). If you’re wondering whether one can purchase spices here, the answer is ‘yes’, Indian curry/West Indies – and there’s an interesting ‘mix’ composed of five Asiatic spices for you to try too.
L'Ailleurs Kfé 007Specialities can be ordered for special occasions, given the necessary time in advance of course. Interesting to learn, very little meat is proposed, sometimes chicken and fish, so this is also very attractive for vegetarians ! An added speciality is rum, I can imagine the wonderful and fanciful concoctions available.
It’s quite incredible, the owner of this establishment runs and does literally everything herself. Having returned to the island, she was excited in displaying and offering unfamiliar choices, and she happily finds that people are curious and very open minded, with fresh spirit. First opened in 2013, lunch is served daily, with evening meals on Fridays + Saturdays, but during the summer months, you will find it open for lunch on Saturday too.
To be noted: closed on Sunday + Monday – with an annual break from mid-August until around September 10th.
The price range is very reasonable indeed; 10/12e lunch, 12/15e evening (and if you indulge in a dessert, count 6e).
For a Saturday evening meal, count 25e all included.
Future Projects:
For now, there is a display case with several different choices of herbs, just in front of the window, and where passers by can help themselves and add to the variety, whenever they like – in other words, if you’re in need of parsley etc., you can drop down there and find some, there for the taking – this is a generous community idea, which needs to be further developed, and kept in mind.
Develop a biking area, just in front, which will interest bikers from all over too. L'Ailleurs Kfé 002
As of next Spring, there will be ‘special’ evenings; for example, a language laboratory on Fridays, with a buffet dinner and drinks, inviting the public to discover and test new languages, just between individuals – this is certainly an innovative and necessary idea.
You’ll be able to browse through some of the choices with the images provided here, and another point I’d like to share with you, is the fact that you can also discover images from her annual travels, which she is very pleased to share with her clients, as they are posted on a board visible for all to view and comment.
L'Ailleurs Kfé 004L'Ailleurs Kfé 006
So, expect a convivial, warm welcome and think about spending some very pleasant moments at this charming little restaurant.


Address: L’Ailleurs Café
3, rue Général Fiorella
20000 Ajaccio

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