Exploring ‘Nougat’, with Fanny and her father – taste buds activated!

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When I think of nougat, my taste buds awaken, my mouth waters and the urge to indulge is difficult to control – not unlike many amateurs of this succulent creation, I would say. But, there is nougat and … nougat. When caressed by a little inspiration, that so required ingredient, it can take you journeying through moments of total elation, there’s really no exaggerating here, for me personally, as I had the pleasure of making it myself, at one stage. So, when I decided to discover and taste what Fanny and her father create, I had a difficult time remaining patient beforehand.

Did you know that Leonardi da Vinci was a strong supporter of candied fruit and almonds, and during the Renaissance they called it ‘chamber spices’, he loved it.

At ‘Fiordolci’ (even the name evokes ‘nectarous‘ pleasure to come), it’s a family affair. Fanny Giorgetti and her father confection their nougat directly from the ‘flower’, whereupon their beehives produce several flavours that can be distinctively suggested; spring, maquis, chestnut, arbutus …

Since just a year ago, they have moved to their new premises at Balisaccia, just outside of Ajaccio, (beforehand, for those who know them, they were in the Gulf of Lava), spacious, bright and inviting, where you enter a world of ‘savoir faire’ and are greeted with genuine friendliness.

Their personal variation would consist in the fact that their nougat is in a triangular form, almost resembling a piece of cake. Upon tasting, the first remark would be, texture – a fine thick texture, although not too compact, where you discover a generous quantity of almonds, pistachios (note that these provide heart-healthy benefits too!), hazelnuts and a powerful awareness of honey, and there is also the choice of fig and walnut, delicious. I think the vital factor of sensing the honey was what I was waiting for and where I also sensed the savoury flavors revealing themselves more and more as I continued to sample. Another remark would be the shades, from which you can also perceive the considerable presence of honey, again deriving from their wish to transform the honey in its entirety. Noticing the phrase they have chosen to use for their cards, I would like to share it with you too: “In a machja ci hè lu cori da fà dolci cù li fiori” otherwise saying: “In the maquis, the flowers are the heart of honey”, words from Rinatu Coti himself, (Filu d’Amparera http://bit.ly/19uHKGk)

It was just delightful, and I would recommend your stopping in if you are in that area, and if you are not an amateur of nougat – there is always a large choice of honey you could explore, without forgetting some homemade pastries too … enjoy your visit as much as I did!
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2 comments to Exploring ‘Nougat’, with Fanny and her father – taste buds activated!

  • Grace Hope  says:

    Drooling !!! Hoping the next plane over there 🙂

  • Pamela  says:

    yes, I can understand this alright! certainly a good idea there Grace*

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