The Fig Fair, held annually in Peri

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The month of September brings a variety of seasonal outings and discoveries, one being ‘fig day’, which is absolutely worth the drive to the town of Peri (just outside of Ajaccio), and where this is an annual celebration. This year saw a rainy day, starting off with very dark clouds looming above and quite heavy rain, but, the sun got the better around mid-afternoon and finally decided to spend some time with us, which brought broad smiles and added to the joyful atmosphere.

Launched in 2004, this festive gathering proposes a variety of interests, from advise, demonstrations of cultivation, displays and of course, tasting. Stallholders inviting you to participate and learn culinary features where both fresh and dried figs, and prickly pears (edible fruit of the cactus) are present. The fig family is composed of three main types: green, gray and black – with less thick to thicker skins. I cannot speak for everybody, but personally, I am addicted to figs and this is the first month to indulge!

With this tenth fair – almost reminding us of the end of summer too, nature and fair lovers delight in spending the day absorbing the ‘know-how’ and the traditions transmitted through the generations here again. And this is how it all began with the help of ancestral talent – advising, sharing, organising and conveying, and all within a charming setting.
Now don’t forget, figs contain potassium, fibres, calcium, and manganese – are lusciously sweet and possess texture, so, indulge without moderation!

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