Finding out more about: The Romanesque Chapel of Santa-Maria-Figaniella/di Vighjanu

Patrimoniu di Corsica 3In the series of Romanesque chapels, the one belonging to Santa-Maria-Figaniella (or Santa-Maria di Vighjanu) is indeed a very pretty choice. The municipality of Figaniella belongs to the micro region of Viggiano, up in the north (Rocca). The Santa Maria Assunta church of Santa-Maria-Figaniella dates back to the middle of the XII century, and the facade bears a single portal. The lintel sits on top of an opening with a semicircular archivolt. A frieze, composed of architectural styles is separated from the gable, with teeth shaped ornaments. The square based bell tower is composed of three openwork levels, and the top (which is non-Roman) is characteristic of the region. The same style of decoration can be found for the semicircular chevet, as is also found on the facade, and the original roofing has been kept; that of the ‘teghje’ (Corsican flagstone).

Alternatively, human faces and snakes wound around themselves, geometrical motifs and animals can be observed.

Inside, it is to be noticed that the Romanesque harmony has not been preserved; the chancel is no longer visible.

Amongst the ‘curiosities’, the clapper of the alarm-bell from the church and the memory plate referring to the mobilisation call of August, 1914 can be viewed next to the wall of the church.



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