‘A Finzioni’ – the story of an apparition

vescovato-a-finzioniIt was one night, near an abandoned church, a bridge, a cemetery and where a stream passes, that a man who was returning home, suddenly saw a human form detaching itself from the shadows – identifying this person as someone he seemed to recognise, possibly even a relative. Approaching, he starts speaking to him, but receives no answer in reply.
It is a ‘finzione’ – an apparition, and more precisely a ‘double’ which is normally invisible from the man or woman identified – and this ‘double’ can only be seen by this person. If he is accompanied, his companion will be able to ‘see’ too, but under a certain condition – that he puts his foot on top of his (or hers).
The vision of a ‘finzione’ is the sign of an approaching death, for the person who is ‘seen’. If a type of logic could be implied here concerning this belief, one could say that the double of the person still alive, had already started marching towards his death, or had gone astray. The man who sleeps or works is already a dead man.
He will die within a delay between three days to one year.
It is however, possible to save him under two conditions :
– if, we can reach him and prevent him from crossing over a stream
– or, if he is seen turning to the right or going up
but, if he takes a left turn or goes back down, he is lost.
He can also be saved by rushing to his house and watching over him for a whole night; or by returning with him the following day to the very same spot where the ‘finzione’ was seen.
Source: corsicanostra.free.fr 

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