Fishermen and their patron saint, St Erasmus – an annual three day celebration in Corsica!



Not specifically for Corsica, but for all fishermen around the world, and as there is quite a population here, it is normal that he would be remembered and honoured every year.

Originally, the Brotherhood of St Erasmus regulated assistance within the community, under the protection of the saint, dressing in white gowns bordered with purple for this feast day.

A procession takes place in various towns, (Ajaccio, Bonifacio, Calvi, Erbalunga etc.,) on June 2nd, where the statue of St Erasmus is transported to the port with the blessings of the priests, thereupon boarding one of the boats and where a seafaring procession and benediction take place. Upon return to the port, a lively and festive aperitif takes over, and these are moments of sharing and relevance, as it remains a very popular outing. For three days, the association Pescadori in Festa organises numerous activities, for as I said, this is a traditional and festive moment, where the population participates willingly – the sea being a traditional companion, admired and respected. Concerts are programmed over these three days, where we’ll be appreciating Mai Pesce, Aria and Diana di l’Alba, and singers from Rusiu Valle Rustie & Centru di Corsica.

Renovation of the facade of the church of St Erasmus in Ajaccio is currently underway, once the former chapel of the Jesuit College, and now classified as a historical monument, within which one can discover several statues and a statue of the saint.

Many gather and are faithful and devoted to this particular event, and it is an enjoyable moment spent with the local population, fishermen and elders.

Whereas the church of Cervioni is concerned, an interesting story here relates its alliance with St Erasmus, going back to when St Alexander Sauli decided the church would take on the name of the saint corresponding to the day the construction would be completed – it so happened it fell on June 2nd …

Bonna festa a tutti !

Photo credit: Pierre-Antoine Fournil (Corse/Nice Matin)

2 comments to Fishermen and their patron saint, St Erasmus – an annual three day celebration in Corsica!

  • Ger  says:

    A beautiful celebration in homage to the Saint of fishermen…
    All these current “news” is very interesting, pleasant to read… Tks all. Bravo

  • Pamela  says:

    thank you kindly Ger, stay tuned, can be very lively here too

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