‘Flashes of Life’ suite, with artist Pierre Farel

It’s actually hard to believe that five years had gone by since my first article with Pierre Farel and his colourful creative world, and I was delighted to meet up in view of sharing all his news with you, once again. 

Flashes of Life‘ remains the central theme, this has not altered. Pierre still travels regularly, at least once a month, and has had several exhibitions including Paris, Beirut, USA .. all remaining within his usual circuit, with which he is quite accustomed to by now. He adds, London is a city he would like to return to in order to expose, some time in the near future.

Now for all the news, and news there certainly is 
During the month of May, he was very pleased to celebrate his thirty years of painting. This took place in several towns: Marseille, at the Château de la Buzine. Paris, at the Galerie de Médicis. Ajaccio, at the Casino La Rotonde, and Grignan, at the Manoir de la Roseraie – all of which were provided with new works each time. I wonder if you can imagine the amount of work and energy involved here, because along with the new works and the exhibitions, the preparation required in between is far from being negligible; he points out the fact that he always packs his work himself. He felt it important to celebrate this milestone with the public and those who have been constant supporters and followers, much to the pleasure of everyone who took part in these celebrations. In fact, he really hasn’t seen these thirty years go by .. “one has to believe” he adds is his personal slogan.   

Since our last meeting, I wondered how many works he had imagined and composed up to date; we’re bordering 1800 by now. And, to give you an idea of the length of time necessary, let’s take the example of a painting measuring 1.70m x 1.30m – this would consist of around 50h of work. Normally, for a smaller size, 20h would be sufficient. On a yearly basis, Pierre creates around 30 paintings, within which ten are very often orders – yes, you can of course order your very own painting, he would be delighted to grant your wish.
An interesting point too, recently he added a series of sculptures of Napoléon (6), which were bought straight away, and he does hope to provide more in the not to far off future – I did have the opportunity of viewing one at the Casino in Ajaccio, a splendid piece of work indeed – because we mustn’t forget, Pierre enjoys varying his competences, and willingly we await his achievements. 

Further notable news is the creation of an association entitled ‘Dammi a manu‘ (give me your hand), 
which is composed of: Sylvie Ghislain-Leandri, Matthieu Cabuy, Laurent Rosano and Pierre. Their most recent project includes featuring black and white photos of elderly people from the Deux-Sorru region and thereabouts, artistically arranged with words for each photo by chosen directors, writers, artists, singers, actors .. composed for a book which will be coming out in the fall, whose name will be ‘Portraits d’Union’ – this of course, required a personal regard of inspiration, in order to capture the essence of each character. It will be possible to purchase it at the Espace Farel, in Ajaccio, and at a later date I will be able to inform you of other points of sale.
What is also important to remember here is the fact that the profits from sales will go directly to other associations, all editing will be achieved by themselves. It’s a wonderful and generous idea, growing from solidarity, care and attention.


For those of you who have not as yet, discovered the Espace Farel, keep it in mind when you are in Ajaccio. You’ll not only discover his paintings, but also his beautiful sculptures, and works by other sculptors too – Cyril Maccioni and Antoine Palavicci are permanently present for all to view and discover.

Time does fly, but when you see what can be achieved by those who are passionate about what they do, the pleasure they bring to their public, innovating and constantly searching for new ideas/insights/visions, drawing inspiration from the deep interior, an unyielding call for endless exploration.


It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done‘ Van Gogh.

Espace Farel
1, rue de la Barrière
20000 Ajaccio

site: www.pierre-farel.com

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