Florie has a passion: Cocktails – An imaginative and inventive mixologist

Florie CocktailsThere are many passionate, innovative and unusual choices of career in this big, wide world .. one came to my attention some time ago, that of Florie’s eagerness being a mixologist – I certainly needed to find out more, as this is original, innovative and also suggests exotic, dreamy moments for all – who hasn’t allowed their mind wander whilst sipping a delicious cocktail !


How did Florie Castellana become a mixologist in the first place ?
Born into a family of hoteliers, with a Michelin starred restaurant, she believes her future was traced from the beginning. She spent her childhood discovering flavours, textures and a mixture of both.


How long has she been practising ?
After several experiences in well established places and with renowned names i.e: Alain Duasse and Joël Robuchon, she went on to become a barmaid at the Buddha Bar in Monaco – Florie likes to experiment too, conventional mixtures do not particularly interest her, she needs to explore, test and discover ..


Now, there’s a book coming out – and I was wondering was this her idea from the start.
Indeed it is. She develops and reveals what actually made her become a mixologist, and has found perfect freedom of expression in doing so.
Also a personal challenge, and an opportunity to share ideas and knowledge in transmitting mythical Corsican spirit, and the island she proudly grew up in.


Of course there was one question that I had to ask, and I was very impatient to hear her answer too – her personal favourite – ‘Myrtus’, a lime-based cocktail with eau de vie and myrtle liqueur (sounds divine, will have to try that).
Are there any mixtures that can never be and why ?
In fact, she doesn’t believe in ‘impossible’ mixtures, sometimes it just takes time and patience in order to combine textures, colours, ingredients and flavours, and reveal the value of each choice.
After this accomplishment, would she still have a future dream/goal to achieve ?
Yes she does – she admits, she has no shortage of ideas and this book is just the beginning of a long and beautiful story – so, to be followed, with interest. Florie 3
For one thing, she would like to continue to travel, and help others in the same profession, highlighting the uniqueness and authenticity of the Corsican products used – a very important detail to remember.


Florie creates alone – but, whenever in doubt, she turns to her parents who advise her, and generally give their opinion for recommendations/associations as they have a long, past experience in cooking/baking and their view is valuable to her always.
Now, returning to the book – she stresses the fact that she likes to use chestnut, myrtle and Cap Corse, which are a main part of this book – as she finds a multitude of creations with these particular ingredients. Whereas the book is in question here, a crowd funding has just begun in February with the platform Ulule.com – the aim is for it to be published in April of this year.
Sketches, recipes and bartender notes will be illustrated, which results in not only a collection of recipes, but also including art, designed by Gérard Haton-Gauthier. Her choice went to the use of watercolours rather than images, because she finds this offers fertile roaming for the final perception, as rendering the true images is indeed extremely difficult.


What about the time granted for the preparation of cocktails ? I imagined there might be a ‘shortest’ time of preparation, as there could be a ‘longest’ – but no, Florie explains that one cannot speak of ‘time’ when creating a cocktail – each one is quite unique. Time doesn’t enter here. She adds, all those that have been chosen for her book, were carefully ‘studied’, so they can be prepared without too much equipment, and ingredients reserved for professionals.


Florie Cocktails 2The cocktail of the moment ! what’s the favourite choice ?
An evident question, of course. Here, her choice goes to the Apérol Spritz – which is a very old cocktail, from XIX century Venice.
I learnt the ‘all around’ favourites are : Mojito and Pina Colada.


Basic equipment, and the best recipes are the ingredients for making a successful cocktail – and of course, her upcoming book ‘Signature – Cocktails de Corse’ – which will be a must to have !

It is said, there is a cocktail for every season … she finds, there is one for every moment of our lives, any time of day, and here are a few examples for the seasons :

Spring – ‘Grimaldi Negresco’
Summer – ‘Pina Corsica’
Autumn – ‘Mavela the Mist’
Winter – ‘Anti-Depression’
All alcohols can be used but, she likes marrying liqueurs and brandies from Corsican fruit.


Further information : Signature – Cocktails de Corse will be published in both French and English. Domaine Mavela is among the sponsors, distilling many liqueurs, eaux de vie, whiskey and chocolate ‘spirit’. Pietra beer, Mattei and many others also spontaneously joined this creative project, which highlights their own products.


It’s an imaginative, inventive profession and Florie is capable of ‘sweeping us off our feet’ and enabling travel, through inspiration and spirit – the healing powers of a well made cocktail, a dash of fantasy .. we need it from time to time, don’t we.


Florie and  Signature – Cocktails de Corse can be followed and found on: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Ulule.com and of course her website : www.signature-cocktails.fr

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