‘Frittata incu Brocciu’ – Brocciu and Mint Omelette

Omelettes in Corsica are cooked with oil, not butter – and, are not folded over in the same way as French omelettes, but cooked flat. They are, however, served while still juicy.



– 12 mint leaves
– 100g brocciu
– 6 eggs
– salt and pepper
– olive oil



Chop the mint leaves. Crush the brocciu roughly with a fork. Beat the eggs, and season with salt and pepper – add the mint and brocciu. Heat the oil in a frying pan, and tip in the eggs. As the egg mixture sets, move it from the sides into the centre, so that the uncooked egg runs underneath. While the omelette is still ‘runny’, put a plate over the pan and invert the omelette onto it. Slide the omelette back into the pan, runny side down, and cook for a few seconds.
Serve with the least cooked side uppermost.



Source: Rolli Lucarotti
image: onvasortir.com

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