From natural ressources, Her de Famille creates and offers a second life

Beauty comes in many shapes and forms, and when two sisters wondered what they could do with their findings after frequent walks on the beaches, and in the maquis – they came up with a very innovative and elegant idea.

Sylvie and Nadine live in Corsica, and their story started four years ago, collecting pieces of driftwood and dried wood. I discovered their compositions only quite recently, and remain convinced of the natural, organic, and beautiful association they have had the enlightenment to propose. I purposely use the word ‘enlightenment’, for these creations resemble coral, and yet have absolutely nothing to do with it – other than that they are rustic and beautiful.
One cannot help but be reminded of the power to restore a second life, this power sometimes lies in our own hands, if and when we sense the natural pulsion to do so.

The name is very unusual, where does it come from and why has it been chosen ?

  • the explanation is quite simple, it’s their maiden name, so we understand where the choice came from – Sylvie’s Corsican name is Salini.
  • A respect for ecology, nature and their most intimate surroundings, they have produced an inspired work of art. Inert matter taking form and coming to life, revived through a choice of colour that invites and summons to investigate.
  • Each piece is unique of course, remaining faithful to the original shape and size, and Sylvie and Nadine are the only ones today presenting their art in this way. After having been cleaned and sanded, they are painted by hand in aesthetic red. Several layers of paint are necessary in the process – the result is quite astonishing. All in all, I learnt that thirty hours of work go into each piece.
    You may well be wondering if they already possess a background permitting this adventure, and the answer is yes indeed; Sylvie is a graphic designer and Nadine is an artist.     

Naturally, I wondered if they had a preference in their choice of wood.
Heather, arbutus and lentiscus. Heather would be their first choice, granting the best results in their opinion.
For the short story, each piece is named after a Corsican beach – isn’t this a very refreshing idea !

What choice of sizes do you propose with your creations ?
20cm – 1.50m
with a price range starting at 90e for small pieces and extending to 700e for the medium-sized, anything bigger would need to be inquired beforehand.

Orders can be taken and exports can indeed be carried out – you might keep this in mind for original future presents !
They haven’t really had the time so far to be present in our various fairs, this will be happening in the future. However, they were at our last Christmas market in Ajaccio and also at the Penitentiary in Coti-Chiavari. More recently, they could be discovered in Bastia, for the Festival Creazione.
Presently, they are in St Florent (north of the island, near Bastia) until September, so if you are around that area you might like to drop in and see what this is all about.
On a more permanent basis, there is the Sofitel in Porticcio (just outside of Ajaccio), Belle Epoque Kartel Boutique (Ajaccio), and also at our Napoléon Bonaparte airport.

‘Nature often holds up a mirror, so we can see more clearly the ongoing process of growth, renewal and transformation’, a gift we will receive if our minds remain open and our senses remain alert.

I strongly and gladly recommend this beautiful choice of creative art, which will in turn defy time and remain a natural reminder of our surroundings.



Sylvie Salini & Nadine Her

1 rue Emmanual Arène, 20000 Ajaccio 

(Workshop: 5th floor)





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