Girolata – a natural sanctuary

A world within its own, where nature settles and modestly/humbly dominates the exquisite surroundings, spreading her contagious cloak of natural shades. Unspoilt and protected, accessible usually by sea, but there is a path leading there, with around a four hour walk involved, either from the La Croix pass or the GR Mare e Monti. However, the boat trip is quite enjoyable, and a novelty in some ways, leaving from several towns: Ajaccio, Porto, Calvi, Galéria, Sagone Gulf and Cargèse. Girolata, which is a small village, belongs to the Osani municipality, and is registered with UNESCO world heritage, and around 30km from Porto.

And yes, visited of course. It’s usually a day visit, where you can easily find refreshments and tasty meals from the local, welcoming restaurants or spend further time in stopover accommodation, if you so choose to linger in this sanctuary.

Whiffs of maquis will embrace you, accompanied by eucalyptus and splendid fauna. This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful bays existing in the world, and if you have the choice and desire to visit, best choose early/late summer, in order to avoid the height of the season.
Sea hawks (Osprey) and their nests can be spotted, and if you’re lucky they might just be there when you pass by.
There would be 450 types of algae and as for side vertebrates: 125 species – of which can be named: groupers, corbs, denti, gag-groupers ..                                                        

Once again, the village is dominated by a Genoese tower, which dates back to around 1550. Extremely picturesque, and surrounded by beautiful turquoise water, Girolata will not leave you unresponsive. Several creeks here and there, giving out onto painted hillsides, with contrasting undergrowth. An anecdote for consideration; the former postman named ‘marathon man’ used to travel 7km by foot, daily from the La Croix pass (which is at an altitude of 269m), in order to deliver post to the few inhabitants living there – finally he retired in 2006. Amazing stories about this postman, who had been interviewed and participated in films too, as he was the only one doing so. It’s right beside Scandola nature reserve, as it is located in a bay delimited on the south by Mount Seninu and the reserve in the north. Now, imagine 620m of summit and 800m of depth.

Splendid views await you, a must see for visitors, and where one realises the importance of remaining in constant connection with substance and spirit.


Photos credit: Let’s talk about Corsica ©


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