Golo, Tavignanu and Liamone: a legend flows from within !

Le Niolu Contes et Legendes CorseWith the ongoing idea of earning a few extra souls, it is said that Satan never let an occasion go by – leaving his footprints on the Corsican landscape.

The Golu (Golo), the Tavignanu (Tavignano) and the Liamone are three rivers flowing within a certain legend, and here is their story.
In the beginning, they were brothers. Born in the mountains, they decided to consult each other, as they were very cold. Following this, they took the decision to move down to the plains, where they knew they would find milder temperatures and agreed to meet by the sea. Golu and Tavignanu didn’t lose any time in doing so, they hurtled down the mountains at a great speed, and soon arrived at the meeting place that had been set.
It was quite different for the Liamone.
After strolling through hills and dales, he realised he had been considerably delayed and knew he would never arrive on time at sea.
Satan, who never missed a chance to achieve his desires, arrived just in time to greet him.
He proposed the following contract to the latecomer: if he delivered one soul per year, Satan would offer the possibility of catching up on his delay.
It’s a deal !
Liamone managed to join his brothers, but ever since, has had to pay Satan his terrible contribution.
Be it in his own river bed, or that of one of its’ three tributaries (Catena, Grossu or Cruzzini) – somebody drowns every year for Satan’s benefit.


Source: Corse Passion
‘Almanach de la mémoire et des coutumes Corse’
Claire Tiévant and Lucie Desideri ©
Photo credit: Le Niolu Contes & Légendes Corse ©

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