Sound advice from sommelier: Raphaël Pierre-Bianchetti

Autourdu20I’m sure many of you often wonder what choice to take when serving certain meals, and which wine is perhaps more suitable than another. You’ll find a few choices here from Raphaël Pierre-Bianchetti, sommelier in Corsica, and also someone who travels the island giving courses and generally informing the public of what is exactly out there on the market and that can be of interest to us all. This is the first of a long series hopefully, and where ‘savoir faire’ and ‘passion’ are beautifully blended.




Red 2013

This is a wine of beautiful complexity, due to the blending of six endemic varieties with (in spite of everything), a great deal of ‘finesse’.

The colour is ruby, aromas of spices and red fruit mingle with deep notes of leather, and finely wooded ripe fruit. To be served at 16°. It will go perfectly with all game birds, doves, woodcocks, ducks, chicken tajine etc,.


Rosé 2014

Holds a very beautiful rose petal colour. The nose is incisive and subtle, with notes of citrus and raspberries. The palate is lively and tense, with a nice minerality, allowing it to be a choice for any time. Appreciated starting as an aperitif, it is served at 8°. In perfect harmony on summer dishes, grilled fish and shellfish.


White 2014

Of a deep yellow colour, with a subtle, fresh and lightly smoked nose. The palate has a supple note, slightly woody (vinification and barrel-ageing), with touches of vanilla. The final touch is persistent. A very attractive fine-cooking white wine. To be served between 10/12°, and accompanying white meat and poultry with cream – it can also open up on a simply grilled lobster.

Source: Raphaël Pierre-Bianchetti Copyright ©

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