Historical Corsica : September dates


Sept 15th, 1943: Three patriots fatally wounded from German bullets: Battestini, Perfetti and Rovelli – a monument was inaugurated on the anniversary of their death

Sept 18th, 1935: ‘The Crisis of Tourism’ particularly attains the island of beauty:
1) inadequacy of development of our natural resources
2) foreign concurrence needs to be organised more appropriately
3) restrictions on certain exportation, decided upon by certain states

4) the ongoing difficulties, becoming greater and greater in reaching the clientele

Sept 18th, 1935: the funeral of Captain J.B.Peraldi takes place; Mayor of Cozzano and Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur

Sept 19th, 1934: Olmeto and Cargèse receive the prize for being ‘modern villages’

Sept 24th, 1946: Tribute to the Casabianca (submarine) at the Amirauté; and a commemorative plate for the operations carried out by the Casabianca along the Corsican coast for the liberation of the island – in the presence of the civil, religious and military authorities

Sept 24th, 1949: Count of Monfort (alias Prince Napoléon) and Mme (born) de Foresta visit Ajaccio, and Town Hall for their honeymoon

Sept 25th, 1935: Opening of the railway line: Solenzara to Portivevechju (Porto-Vecchio)

Sept 30th, 1946: Public notice of enquiry: from the Town Hall, on the application for authorisation to exploit gambling/games of chance at the town Casino

Photo credit: Corsicarobase – Photos de Corse Copyright ©

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