I Chjassi di u Cumunu : The Righteousness of Common Paths

11357342_673914072738073_6873813337509664713_oHaven’t we often heard the words ‘Think Tank‘ being pronounced from reading an article or two, or maybe even having attended an organised meeting in our respective cities. Whatever the case, let us shed some light on what exactly this represents today.
‘A club or think tank brings together around a person or a political or social movement of people interested in public life.’ Basically we could say, those who are interested in preparing a certain future, through reflection and action. Obviously, if preparation is in question, this would imply that the present state of affairs is not acceptable.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jean-Louis Rossi recently, President of our newly created ‘Think Tank’ here in Ajaccio – an academic, and Professor of Physics in the university in Corti – and I was very curious to learn how all of this actually converged into a monthly meeting, held in Ajaccio, at the Bistrot du Cours, in the centre of town.
Cicero once stated “For there is but one essential justice which cements society, and one law which establishes this justice. This law is right reason, which is the true rule of all commandments and prohibitions. Whoever neglects this law, whether written or unwritten, is necessarily unjust and wicked.” When a certain ‘drift’ is witnessed, an uneasiness settles in and tongues have a tendency to unleash, thus provoking customary  exchanges of opinion amongst groups of people who often thrive on discussion and reflection in general.

Now, here our respective group/association is composed of 18 chosen individuals (men and women), from various walks of life who have objectives in mind, and possessing multiple competences themselves. Theoretically, there is absolutely nothing they will not discuss, which undoubtedly means there will be no barriers, thus allowing freedom of exchange, speech and a motion towards advanced perceptions and concepts – a progressive force for Corsica, and its’ population.
‘In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.’ Nietzsche couldn’t have found a truer formula (also) for today’s society. This is why I personally find the conception of this group to be of the utmost importance for all. Daily, within our personal levels, we witness the constant backlash and misconceptions literally thrown at us.

I feel the actions of this group will entail a continual role of controller and auditor general, using intelligence in verifying performances, proposing solutions and urging the public to participate individually and completely in choosing an improved social order. I must point out here, stressing the fact that this is not a political group belonging to a party, but a merging of intellects – a member cannot belong to an electoral ballot.

During the monthly reunions, the public is invited to participate in a discussion based on a chosen theme; each person is suggested to use a ‘talking stick’ (originally from the North American Indians) – a regulator of speech within a group, according a certain time to each speaker.

What exactly will enable you to be credible with the authorities ?

– Jean-Louis Rossi answered quite simply in stating their course of action, through a certain quality of work – but, also their ‘choice’ of action and means to do so, all on a constant level – in other words, taking a ‘stand’ with certain issues. Here he points out it is vital to listen and thus, transmit – permitting the public to make their own opinion, and become a dynamic movement, motivation being an important factor in order to advance.

How do you correspond with the public in this case ?

– a site has been created, wherein mainly articles are posted  and written collectively, but, can also be written by one person – in either case, all are signed by the author(s)
– also sometime in the near future, a work that will have assembled all of these articles together, for reading/consulting
– Twitter
– Facebook
– word of mouth from those who attend the meetings
Would the impression that you will be keeping a close eye on everything, be correct in this case ?
– Yes, very much so, and in detail – an not only here, this concerns the whole of the island eventually ! (In fact, their ‘power’ – if I may choose this word in a positive sense – will flow from interaction, becoming a potent ‘catalyst’ and voice of the public, in the long run). I wonder if you can imagine the scope involved here, I myself felt the potential this represents quite awe-inspiring.

When you start thinking about this, an incredible quantity of questions/ideas/suggestions come into view … then, you cannot help but say to yourself, that with the force of public opinion and a capable group of individuals, surely we can develop a more acceptable/equitable society for all concerned – for I repeat, this principle can concern anything from the expenses of a district, to the evolution of institutions, passing by queries on territories etc,. the choice is vast and demanding.

Utopia ? no, I believe this is absolutely possible, and we should never underestimate strength of unity and morals in action.

In many ways, we long to be proud of where we live, proud of our roots, proud of our identity … proud of our voices too, participating in the construction of a forcible society, where liberty of expression plays such an important role, and the preparation of the future for generations to come.

‘Conscience is the sentinel of virtue ..’

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