An idea for seasonal fruit: Fig Tart


We have indeed many fig trees here, and in September the harvest is finished.

Very easy to make, just heat your oven at 180° to start off with.
– 1 puff or shortcrust pastry
– 1k figs
– Corsican honey
– 20g butter
– sugar


Wipe with a cloth (no water, for they could become saturated). Cut into slices and put aside – avoid cutting thick slices, for they won’t all cook in the same way.
Place the pastry (puff or shortcrust) in a baking tin (with greaseproof paper beforehand). Prick with a fork.
Spread the freshly sliced figs on the bottom, and cover with Corsican honey (you can use a brush).
Top with a few pieces of butter.
Finish by sprinkling a little powdered sugar.
Put into the oven for around 25m, at 180°
Once the tart is cooked, allow to cool. You’ll easily taste how the sugar and honey increase the flavour of the figs – some like to eat this tart with vanilla ice-cream, up to you to choose whatever you prefer.
Bon appetitu !


Source: Recettes Corses

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