Introducing Casa’Gelat: home-made ice-cream you’ll want to try !

Casa'Gelat 005I scream, you scream – we all scream for ice-cream !’ doesn’t it appeal to just about everybody since their childhood ? fond memories and notions of holidays .. sea, sun and well-being. As soon as the temperatures rise, we seek these moments of pure pleasure. I decided to visit a new ice-cream parlour, opened very recently (beginning May, to be exact) – with great expectations.

Casa’Gelat is a family affair – Christophe Casalonga ‘Artisan Glacier’, produces his ice-cream in the nearby village of Alata (just outside of Ajaccio), and Sandra Balata his niece, delights in looking after their premises in the centre of Ajaccio itself. It’s ideally situated in the old part of town, within a few minutes walk of Napoléon’s house and the citadel. So, when you’re browsing around that area, think of dropping in and offering yourselves a sweetened pause.
What are their specialities ?                                                                               Casa'Gelat 2
Corsican products of course ! within which one can discover such flavours as:
chestnut, canistrelli (biscuit), fiadone (brocciu), fig/walnut, honey, myrtle (which someone collects especially for them), praline from Cervione and citron yogurt – a choice for all to discover/rediscover.
Apart from the above, one finds over thirty choices of more traditional ice-cream and naturally many sorbets; one of which appears extremely popular, and is their most sought after sorbet: blood orange.
Casa'Gelat 006As regards prices, they are certainly reasonable; from 2.50e up (depending on how tempted you are at that moment !) – to be noted, you can choose up to eight sorbets altogether.
It goes without saying, Corsican products are naturally chosen with care. And, if you feel like buying in advance, and bringing some home (for those who live in the area), you can also purchase tubs.
Opening hours:
10am – 7pm daily
 as of June 21st: 1pm – 9pm
And over the summer, new products will be making their appearance:
frozen tarts, parfaits etc,. Casa'Gelat 004
When time permits ‘out of season’, they like to travel to the mainland to explore new trends and generally inform themselves about what’s happening on the ice-cream market. Motivation and interest are a winning team.
So, remember to drop by when you’re in Ajaccio, Sandra will be delighted to help you choose your impulse of the moment !
And,if you’d like to follow their latest additions and news, you can of course do so through their Facebook page: Casa’Gelat.
17 rue de la Porta


Treat yourselves !

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