Introducing: The Senetosa Lighthouse

Built on Cape Senetosa, south of the Valinco Gulf (Propriano), in the district of Sartène. This lighthouse dates back to 1889, when the actual work began, being designed by an engineer named Zevaco. And, it would be on May 15th, 1892, that it would finally ‘light up’.
An original and isolated lighthouse, with two turrets of 15m in height framing the main building – which add to the remarkable shape of this lighthouse. The body of the building is made of stone, and each of the towers have a precise function; one for the white flashing light of a lantern, and the other with red screens serving to project an area towards dangerous directions. Originally fuelled with mineral oil, but this changed in 1906, when petroleum steam was adopted.
Then, in 1988, the Senetosa lighthouse became automated – the guardians remained there for over twenty years, up until 2008.
In 1911, in order to better secure the safety of ships crossing in this sector, a turret was built by the monks, 4km from the shore – this had been decided in 1906 and was finally completed in 1911.
Needlesss to say, this lighthouse is also a hikers crossing point, from Tizzano to Cala di Conca or Campomoro, by a signposted path maintained by the Coastal Conservatory.
Last but not least, and not forgetting those who would like to spend a night or two, there is also a refuge where you can resource yourselves and enjoy the natural surroundings (reservations can be taken in advance).
‘If you open your eyes very wide and look around you carefully, you will always see a lighthouse which will lead you to the right path. Just watch around you carefully’
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