An invitation to the colourful world of Frédéric Picciau

It is said, that colours speak all languages. Maybe this is what I first perceived when viewing Fred’s creative works – a fanfare of vivid, animated and glowing tones. One remarks his general use of featureless individuals, thus allowing the public to use their imagination, and attach a form that may suggest a more personal signification.

Fred is a self-taught artist, who spent his childhood sketching, and more specifically, sketching poetry. One day, he decided he wanted to paint, and asked his mother to bring him to buy paints – she thought he was going through one of his changeable phases and reacted as such by saying: ‘that’s all we need now, for you to start painting!’ – and, even today, these memories remain his fondest.
It was from 2000 onwards, painting was to become a regular occupation – trying out different styles and even stopping completely for a few years, to return later on – however, it wasn’t until 2015 that he would finally discover what he was looking for. Charcoal, felt pen and pencil were to be his tools, with the particularity of always and only, using his fingers as an instrument. 
Quite naturally, Picasso and Van Gogh throne as his personal favourites and influence shades and tones holding primordial interest. 
His personal enthusiasm is widespread, and include all types of inspiration, notably crafts. 

Roughly, how many works have been created over recent years ?   
Around eighty, and although he usually creates on a daily basis this is not a general rule, from time to time he waits a few days before returning. A special detail that I find interesting is the fact that Fred very often finds inspiration from music – and he adds, especially music from films.              

His method is spontaneous and all in one go, usually taking between two and three hours for a normal size. As for his stimulation, he finds it in the culture and traditions of the island, highlighting heritage, areas and communities.  

If a goal for Fred could be determined, it would be just to continue offering pleasure to the public; to touch them in whatever way they felt concerned and to provide joy and well being for all – this has paid off too, he receives wonderful reactions and comments in particular from elderly people, who find a source of memory revival, whereas the younger generation tend to reach out to tones and intensity. 
All in all, I found this encounter very refreshing indeed. An artist who shapes pleasure for the sake of gratification, and continues his way with a certain lightheartedness. 


If you wish to view more of his work, you can find him through his Facebook page ‘Peintures by Frédéric Picciau’ and also Instagram: fp2a 


Images: Frédéric Picciau ©




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