Island Box Corsica : a release of fragrances, innovative and inviting

11015291_874764862560548_6123773275835998838_nI wasn’t quite sure what I would be exploring with this recent initiative, and was looking forward to meeting Gaelle Pommereau in order to learn more – the concept had caught my eye, with an attractive packaging and promises of hidden treasures, that were impatient to be discovered, with their respective fragrances.

Basically, this box is composed of 5 products that are produced on the island; natural bouquets and a ‘goody’ – usually made from traditional perfumed wax, which is the originality of the box too.

For every season, there is a proposed composed box – in other words, following nature’s cycle with respect. The price range is accessible and interesting : 35.90e (keeping in mind, if one was to purchase each product individually, the total would amount to 60e).

Up to now, Gaelle has been working with around six producers, and hopes to build up her stocks and offers including many more, in the not too far off future. Initially, this adventure started off last December, 2014. Hotels have shown interest (i.e. Sofitel), being an appealing gift for customers, emphasising the island’s products and creativity. 11174982_847755135261521_5731135427889670967_n

Orders from overseas have also started; including England, Switzerland, Holland, Italy and Martinique. It is useful to retain the fact that personal requests can be satisfied, for those with alternative ideas as to what they would like to order.

Each new box welcomes a new producer and product, on a monthly basis, which is innovative and interesting for the public to follow.

What promises could the future hold, and what are her personal desires ?

11000617_876920899011611_8705546128661242052_nDevelopment with other islands – here may we note the choice of name too ‘Island Box Corsica’, which refers to ‘islands’ in general, and should prove very interesting to incorporate their endemic scents – without forgetting the invitation to ‘voyage’ which accompanies this idea.

Some time later on, special editions will also be proposed – so, all the more reason to remain updated with her site.

It was interesting to learn she will be also be working with Corsica Pam in the future – some of you may remember a previous article I wrote on their essential oils.

To give you an idea of some of the products you can choose from : Solyvia, Savonnerie du Nebbiu, donna è, latitude 42.02, Realia and Mama natura.

Gaelle has started ”taking to the road’ around the island, and you can find her in many of the island’s fairs and market days (Balagne, Rencontres du Bien-Etre, Bastelicaccia, Alta Rocca, Vico, St Lucie de Tallano). 10930163_832151310155237_614124854266076021_n

She also animates gatherings in Ajaccio, which is a wonderful way to explore her box of delights !

A welcoming concept to keep in mind for weddings, birthdays etc., and where seasonal choice is priority, along with quality products.

“Odours have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions, or will. The persuasive power of an odor cannot be fended off, it enters into us like breath into our lungs, it fills us up, imbues us totally. There is no remedy for it.”

– Süskind

Facebook : Island Box Corsica
Photos credit : Island Box Corsica Copyright ©

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