Journalist/Musician: Richard Falchi confides

When someone returns to Corsica after years of absence, I find it it is always of interest to hear what they have to say. This happens to be the case of Richard Falchi, who had spent most of his life on the mainland, and decided to return to his native island in 2015 – his family are originally from the village of Balogna, not far from Ajaccio – and of which I wrote in detail some time ago as the village street art has always been quite impressive. 

Musician since he was fourteen years of age whilst studying, he left the ‘high plateau’ of the Ardèche region for England in order to perfect his English, and remained there for several months. But when he did return to France, he had in fact become a drummer. Furthering his studies, he attended a French school for press attaché.

Being a passionate music lover, beginning of the 80’s he opened a shop in Nice selling vinyl. Then around 1985, he worked for Julius Just More News for the Music Industry, and created More News France. Former editor-in-chief of Grand Link Music News (which was the first mail newsletter for the business music industry, with 6000 subscribers). He also had his own newspaper ‘Le Bulletin de l’Industrie du Disque et des Médias’, which was specifically addressed to professionals and also proposed regular rankings of rock.
In 1997, a project Musique Info Hebdo was created for the Groupe de Presse in Paris (Ed. Larivière) – first professional trade magazine for the music industry, which lasted around ten years. Here it is interesting to note that his favourite reporting assignment was for Music Info Hebdo, as he interviewed the ‘boss’, at a time when the magazine was no.1 (Bob Marley, Traffic and many more had passed by there). Richard continued to report until 2004.
His influences in music have notably been Robert Johnson and Eric Clapton, being very attached to the blues boom, especially from England during the 70’s.

Taking everything into account, how do you find the news/music world today ?

Internet has been the greatest shock. It opened Pandora’s Box, in the sense that the music industry didn’t realise nor understand the influence digitised music would create and maintain. However, certain barriers have been dispersed, and the revival of the ‘live’ has been observed and appreciated.

For information, here are a few SNEP statistics:
(Syndicat national de l’édition phonographique)
In 2017 from paid official sites:
– 42,5 billions streaming audience
– 32,2 billions music albums
– 3,2 billions for vinyl
NB: There are 14,7% of online sales thanks to streaming
Streaming represents: 21,7% of global music revenue

And certainly the news world has been transformed, bearing a constant worry.
How do you manage to warn, advise, and convince young people today of the precautions that must be taken when using the internet – we have all heard of the dangers lurking in the shade, and parents can only do so much in this domain. The responsibility held by informed adults, organisations etc., indeed demands strenuous and constant efforts from all, in order to enlighten and assist, when necessary.

What changes would you like to see for the future in the music world ?

It’s never easy for musicians, to say the least. They often appear to battle their way through numerous factors, and if they are lucky they manage to survive in a highly competitive world. If it could be at all possible to render certain ways of manoeuvring more accessible, it could bring motivation to those who persist relentlessly – don’t we know, how terribly easy it is to become disheartened. Privileging the stage really needs to be improved. A little reminder about certain difficulties is never overrated – these can stem from various roots, i.e: finance, audience, marketing, absence/loss of followers etc. As for Corsican music, he finds it has found an individual position within the modern evolution of music, as he continues to be a long-term admirer.

More recently, and with Thierry Loison here in Ajaccio, the group ‘VOO DOO’ came to life. A melting pot of blues and soft rock to be discovered, proposed by passionate and qualified musicians desiring to share their enthusiasm. Richard now enjoys singing and playing the guitar, and can consecrate his time to his passion.
Projects are also on the horizon, becoming clearer as time goes by. For now, it is too early to announce specific details, but they are making their way to being achieved in the not too far off future.

If you’d like any further information whatsoever, you’ll find a list of pages where you can read and learn more about what Richard will be up to, and his continual connections with music/music news.


Richard Falchi Facebook:
The Rythym and Blues Society
Pacifiques Barricades (for news)

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