Our Lady of Mount Carmel Chapel / Chapel of the Greeks; past and present

la chapelle des Grecs Ajaccio aux siècles derniersAn interesting spot for you, on the way to the Sanguinaires Islands and on the sea front, and where one can observe, admire and visit the ‘Our Lady of Mount Carmel’ chapel – otherwise known as the ‘Chapel of the Greeks’. Sunday mass is celebrated for those interested too. Having been abandoned over a long period of time, it was however returned to the church in 1972, whereupon important renovation was carried out a few years later in 1975 (due to the tercentenary of the arrival of the Greeks).

Way back in 1630, Pascal Emile Pozzo di Borgo, (who was commander of the guard of the Pope in Rome) decided to restore the building. Since the Middle Ages, it had become a sanctuary, facing the sea but also nestled in the ‘maquis’. A Greek centre in Ajaccio, from when they arrived in the 18th century, and whose name was changed in 1732. A delightful place to spend some time; peaceful, solitary and very quaint, overlooking the sea and surrounding beaches.

Photo credit: Ajaccio aux siècles derniers
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