Lake Tolla – easy to reach and charming

Let’s start with the village of Tolla, situated in the Prunelli valley (south of Corsica). A small, charming mountain village – around 30km from Ajaccio, and embracing the side of a hill – surrounded by a number of various trees; apple, chestnut and walnut come to mind immediately.

    Lac de Tolla (Malaterre)

Certainly, the particularity of this village is the fact that it possesses a dam, built during the 60’s. With an altitude of around 552m, Lake Tolla is a secluded and peaceful spot, where one can enjoy multiple activities: horse rides, hiking, fishing (roaches, pike, carp, perch, catfish) and also wall-climbing. Others may prefer to simply swim and take it easy, but you do have the possibility to rent out kayaks and paddle boats, if you’re feeling more adventurous. On the other hand, a day out with a picnic and the opportunity to stretch oneself out on the grass and give in to a siesta, could very well be a choice.



Photo credit: Pascal Malaterre Copyright ©

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