The legend of the Church of Muratu

contes et legendes corse Murato

Merimée recalled this church as being the most elegant and attractive of the island of Corsica, in 1839.

This Roman building (of Pisan style) dates back to the 12th century. Legend says, that it was built by angels in the course of just one night, being rebuilt over the 18th century. A surprising gallery of portraits and also a very moving legend. It is also thought that the two figures on the facade represent the two masters who initially financed the construction back in the 12th century, or on the other hand possibly symbolising both religious and legal power.

A remark could be made here; on the other side of the road facing the church, a headstone; where one can read the following names in Latin: Romanus Murati and Achilles Murati – loyal lieutenants of Pascal Paoli, during the 18th century War of Independence.


Source: Contes et Légendes Corses


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