The legend of Lake Cintu

The Corsican fairies can be at times, ‘mistresses of water’ and have even intervened in favour of men – bringing them the water they needed. Lake Cintu (from the Mount Cintu), would see her origin deriving from a fairy of goodwill …    Lake Cintu (Corsica Roc)

This would have originated from the time when Calasima had a king, and this king was very upset seeing his herds wasting away from lack of water. So, one day he decided to climb the Mount Cintu at 2706m, with the hope of catching sight of a salutary spring from its summit. Upon arrival, the king was weary from being very tired and thirsty, but he didn’t find the slightest watering hole to quench his thirst.

The distress witnessed by the fairy who dwelled there, touched her. She comforted him, and quenched his thirst by pushing away a rock from behind which one could discover a wonderful cave decorated with diamonds, that had been naturally hidden. Sunlight came directly striking the diamonds, upon which they were transformed into springs – thus, becoming the origin of the Lake Cintu …

Legend source: Corse Passion ©
Credit image: Corsica Roc

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