The Legend of the Seven Windmills

moulin à vent du Cap Contes et Legèndes Corses (Fb)During the Corsican wars, there was a family living near Ajaccio – the Orotesi family. Wanting to protect their wealth from future plundering, it was buried so well that it was never to be found …
Now, in order to meet the needs of the family and raise their son Théobald, the father became a miller. From all of his twenty years of age, Théobald was by far the best looking boy in the country – and Ginésia, the daughter of the Montichi Podesta, fell in love with him. However, her father did not have the same vision at all – fi !!! to marry the son of a miller ! but, he had Théobald come to see him and promised his daughter in marriage, if he became rich. The young man left Ajaccio and returned to his windmill. A storm broke out and caught him on his way back.


On a path in the maquis, he saw a richly dressed rider coming towards him. He was a rich Venetian merchant – Satan chasing souls. A pact was made between them. Théobald sold his soul, in exchange for a large fortune that would enable him to marry his sweetheart. Six mills rose next to the paternal mill, and Théobald rapidly collected a fortune. His beautiful and smart Ginésia rapidly understood that the seven mills were linked to his fortune, and she managed to worm out her husband’s secret. Théobald had received the mills from Satan, and they were the answer to all his wishes.
So, first of all greedy Ginésia asked for tons of wheat; then she asked for lots of gold, a fountain of diamonds, a lavish banquet and a group of musicians – but, with all her naked greed, she forgot her love for Théobald. She took one of her young servants as a lover.


One day, she asked her husband to accompany her to the sixth mill. When they arrived there, she leaned forward and accidentally let the medallion of her lover fall. Théobald recognised the servant immediately, and feeling so terribly distraught he took her by the arm and threw her under the grindstone – following this, he himself, was caught by the hopper. At that moment, a huge silence could be felt in the maquis, and a horrible scream could be heard by all the villagers, chilling their blood.
The seven mills disappeared in a hellish fire. The mills disappeared but, a statue of the Virgin Mary appeared in their place – and today, it can be found in the Lorétu oratory in Ajaccio.


Source: Dominique Brunati 
image : Contes et Légendes Corses

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